Monday, September 24, 2007

Relaxing weekend!

I really love to open and shut doors now.
oh-Mommy wanted me to tell you...I am RUNNING all over the place now.
I love this walking stuff. It is great!

Snoozing with my baby.

Mommy and I had a cozy weekend relaxing.

Daddy was busy helping Uncle Joel dig holes looking for water. (long story)

So we played and relaxed. It was lots of fun!

Pics from our trip home

Yes-daddy really is wearing a suit.
Pretty handsome huh!
The Schreiner's
Uncle Jon & me hanging out. I give him a pretty hard time at first. But really I love him!!
Ahh...sleeping in a big bed! This is the life.
Mommy & I telling secrets. didn't want me to tell Daddy...oops.
I love to read with Grandpa Scott.

Look Daddy ,there are pretty leaves.
Wheeee....having fun with Grandpa Scott.
I liked to taste the leaves too....mommy didn't think that was a good idea.
Do you wanna taste?
I loves exploring the grass!! We don't have this stuff in Idaho!

Oh don't worry Daddy...I found rocks like I feel at home!

I even got to visit with Grandpa Bob & Grandma Sue.
Auntie Heather came too!
It was fun to see them.
I also spent some time with Oma.
Of course I spent lots of time with Great Grandpa Wes, Grandpa Scott, Auntie Anne & Pat, Uncle Jon, Auntie Jane & Uncle Rick, Auntie Sandy & Uncle Richard, and Cousins Sara, Eli & Eric and Lilly (we had LOTS of fun!), and Elizabeth.

My great grandma Betty

These pictures are from last Christmas when we went to Cedar Rapids and I met my great grandma Betty & great grandpa Wes. We are so thankful that we were able to spend this time with grandma. Great Grandma is up in heaven with Jesus now watching over us. I am so happy to know she is there keeping an eye on me. We love and miss her so much.
In the pictures she is letting me where her watch.
Love you!

Family photos

Here we are down by the river.
Okay that is enough...put me down now!

Hiking at Kootenai Falls

Here we are hiking at Kootenai Falls. I was alittle sleepy in the beginning.
This is the swinging bridge. If you come to visit we have to go on this.
It is quite the adventure.
Mommy kept yelling at Grandpa cuz he was bouncing the bridge.
ha ha

Grandma & I after our hike. I'm feeling alittle shy.

More fun with Grandpa & Grandma Summer!

We went to the fair and rodeo with Grandma and Grandpa.
I liked all the animals. We watched the rodeo and draft horse pull.
We also got to play with ducks and win a prize. And eat huckleberry icecream. YUMMY!
I had so much fun and was so excited Grandma could hardly keep up with me!

The Schreiner's of Idaho!

This is the sign that daddy made for mommy for Mother's day.
It sits at the edge of the driveway.
Thanks to Grandpa we have some great pics of it now.
Isn't it neat!

Here's our house that daddy built us.

He is a wonderful daddy. Mommy thinks he is a great husband too! She told me so!!

We love you Daddy!

Grandma and I had so much fun playing in the sandbox!

Grandma & Grandpa Summer ride their motorcycles to Idaho!

Here's Grandma & Uncle Joel getting ready to leave on their trip from Mn to Id.
After 3 days of rain, wind, and cold....they made it!
We were so excited to see them.

Here's Grandma & I by the bikes outside of the Kootenai River Inn.

Grandma & Grandpa stayed there and too me I got to jump on their bed!!

Inspecting the bikes to make sure everything is okay....looks good Grandpa.

Here's the whole Idaho gang eating in our kitchen....wait a minute....where is Grandpa and me??

It was so great having Grandpa and Grandma here to visit. We had so much fun! They took care of me on the days mommy and daddy had to work. They taught me lots of new tricks and gave me lots of yummy treats.

Thanks for the visit!!

love you