Saturday, March 19, 2011

Can you believe these are my BABIES!?!?

Above is Katherine and Wesley when Wesley was 1 wk old.
Below is this last Tues...two and half years later!

Matt and I have been blessed with two amazing children. I am blown away with how incredible they much they are learning...the things they say...and HOW BIG THEY ARE GETTING. At this point I am afraid to blink!
Cherish the beauty and wonder of children. If only we could all keep it as simple and honest as they do. I am so thankful for my new job and change in lifestyle. I am thankful for Matt working as hard as he does so I can be a mom and a wife! Life is Good!! GOD IS GREAT!

Katherine gets great news at the eye doctor this week!

So we went back to the eye doctor friday. It has been two months since Katherine's surgery. Prior to the surgery she was wearing an eye patch to help strengthen her weaker eye. Once the surgery was over she was told she would still have to wear the eye patch. She was so sad she crawled into a ball in the chair and wouldn't look at her dr. It was so sad. So we came of with an incentive chart to get through the 8 weeks till the next check up. It has been a struggle most days...but she did it! And on Friday we got the wonderful news!
No more eye patch! Her eyes are aligned perfectly and her right eye tested the strongest it ever has for vision. Katherine just about burst when her dr. said no more eye patch. She was so happy. I had tears in my eyes! Hooray! And her glasses are too strong. She no longer needs bifocals. She has a stigmatism so she will need glasses for that. But that is all!
New glasss with one lens! That we can handle.Here is our pretty princess Katherine!
The reward she chose was baby bunk beds and a high chair. She is going to be helping Daddy build and paint them. At the Dr. she leans over to me and said "Mommy since I did such a great job maybe I should get a new baby to go with my bunk beds and high chair." Miss Smartie! Today Oma told her she could pick out a baby as her reward from her. When Matt got home from work, Katherine came running down stairs and said "Daddy, my wish came true. Oma said I could get a baby too! Isn't that wonderful?"
How cute! Thank you, Oma.

We will post pictures of the new glasses when they come.
Strike a pose!
We are so thankful that the surgery was a success! And that her eyes continue to get stronger!
Thank you for all your prayers! We are so blessed!

Potty trained and a Big Boy Bed! In the same week!!

Wesley is potty trained!! It is exciting and a bit sad to say Good-bye to diapers! My baby boy is growing up. Of course we still have an accident here or there as we are in week two of undies only. But he is doing great! Big Boy!

Tuesday we moved Wesley out of the crib and into the toddler bed.
He was so excited and so proud!

Diving in to his new bed!

Here he is holding his stickers from day care for going potty in one hand and the beloved "nukie" in the other hand. The will be the next step. But after talking to the Dr. I am not as worried about the nuk. We'll get it.....eventually!

He is doing so great staying in bed. The first night he slept all night...but was up at 5 ready to roll. I woke up to eyeballs right in mine. Then he skipped out of the room and into the recliner. I stumbled out of bed to follow. He looked up and said "Crackers and Juice please Mommy...and a movie." When I said down next to him. He looked up at me and said "Mommy, I had a great nap. Did you?" Such a sweet boy!

Best Buddies!

Katherine and Wesley have so much fun playing together! House is their new favorite game. It is so great to sit and listen to all of their little conversations as they play. They also love playing puzzles, sword fight, wrestling, and dress-up. Although we have gotten Wes "boy" dress-up clothes (pirate, fire fighter, spiderman, tiger...etc). He still likes Sissy's dresses and high heels. Thought Uncle Jon would really love the following pics!
Even in a dress...boys will be boys!
Best matching jammies.
Also the same size!!

Our sledding adventure!

Finally we had a warm two weekends ago to get out and enjoy the snow one final time before the big meltdown. It is all pretty much mud now! This is a view from the top of the hill across from us on the state land. We found it to be the safest hill for the kids as our other spot had alot of trees and sharp turns. Here they go by themselves! Wheeeee!
Now the race to the top! Will they make it??!!?

Wes leaves Sissy in the dust with the sled.

We may have to call in for back-up. Doesn't look like she's moving too fast!
Would rather lay and eat snow!

Well everyone made it back to the top to enjoy several more runs together!

It has been a fun winter...but we are ready for the sun and warmth!

Wesley dresses himself!

Wesley and Katherine were upstairs playing house the other day. Wes comes down to ask for help with his tie. He picked out his outfit and told us he was going on a "date". Look out ladies!
Too cute!

Friday, March 04, 2011

Just get the FLU SHOT!

After a week of being flat on my face, begging Matt to just shot me...I need to strongly advise that everyone get their flu shot! Oh my word...the flu is way worse. Today is the first day since Monday that I feel somewhat human. I am so blessed to have a husband who was able to be home and care for me and the kids. GET YOUR FLU SHOT....I will never miss mine again!