Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Just in case you were wondering.............

I haven't decided to come yet. I know you are all so excited.......mommy is telling me all the time. But I am just not ready yet. Tomorrow we are going to visit the doctor and see what she thinks. Mommy wanted me to let you know that as soon as I decide to come we will let you know. Till then Daddy and Grandma Sue are busy working away on the house. They are doing a great job. It has been really hot here lately so Mommy and I bring them lots of water and take Ruby swimming in the pond. Other than that we just try to stay cool. Mommy rests while I kick and poke at her. Gotta get warmed up for the big day!! Blessings to you all! ~Iner

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Grandma Sue has arrived!!

Hello! No baby yet..but mom got here on Sunday. It is great to have her here. Matt has put her to work on the house and they are getting lots done. Here are a few updates. We went to the Dr today and it looks like things are progressing on schedule. He thinks Iner will be here somewhere right around the due date. Let's hope he is good at predictions! We are just doing our best to stay cool and waiting!!

Friday, July 07, 2006

The Shower for Iner

Last Saturday some friends from church had a shower for Iner. We had lots of fun! Here is our favorite little cousin Cody hanging out and eating some chips! He is getting so big! Cody is excited to meet his new cousin Iner. He likes to give my belly hugs and see how far he can poke his finger in. It is pretty cute!

The House that Matt Built!

Here it is!! Can you believe it?! We are so excited! So the house is standing and becoming more of a reality everyday. Matt and Jeff put the trusses up today and it only took them about an hour. Praise the LORD that it all went so smoothly! Hope this finds everyone doing well!