Sunday, April 06, 2008

Making cookies with Cody!

On Saturday Mommy and I went over to Susie and Cody's and made cookies!
They were delicious!!

Especially the BLUE frosting!

We had so much fun!

20 months old!

I'm gonna get you Mommy!


I am 20 months old now. I love to sing lots of songs. My favorite right now is the ABC's and Wheels on the Bus. Mommy and I also just started She'll be coming round the mountain. I like that one alot!

Mommy is still feeling pretty sick. The baby is at 13 weeks now. Two weeks ago we got to go to the dr and hear the heartbeat. It sounded so neat. I made the sound all day!

Thanks for the beautiful dress Oma. I love it!

Hunting for Easter the snow and rain!!

Here's Cody and I hunting for eggs on Easter.
It was so much fun to find the eggs!
Guess what was inside them??? Candy!!

My new pearls and high heels from Auntie Susie, Uncle Joel and Cody!!

I love my new high heels and pearls!!
Am I beautiful or what!!