Thursday, March 22, 2007

Stand up!

Now this is fashion.....north idaho style!

Playing in my room on St. Patty's Day

I love to play in my new room!
Check out the cute outfit Auntie Anne sent me.

Now where did I put that one toy that makes all the noise?

Singing and Jumping

I just love to dance and sing!

Let's go outside!

I just love being outside at our new house. There is so much to look at. Mommy & Daddy & I go out walking, but be careful for the wild animals. Last saturday we were walking and all of a sudden there was a deep growl from in the trees. We stopped and then it happened again. And then....there goes Mommy running the other way...leaving me to protect Daddy. Oops..mommy says. She just got so nervous she couldn't help it. We didn't see what it was....thankfully...but later daddy and uncle joel went to look for it and it was gone. Uncle Joel thinks it might have been a mountain lion. that is a big kitty!

Look out's comes Katie Sue!

Daddy and I practice walking everyday!

Mommy thinks I look so grown up in this picture!

Thursday, March 01, 2007

I'm 7 months old!

Hello Everyone!
Here I am sitting in Daddy's chair.
Mommy & I like to steal it from him and cuddle up together!

Me & my bear.

We're buddies!

Pretty soon we're gonna move to our new house.....

I like to play in the boxes and help Mommy pack!
So lets see......what else do I do now that I am 7 months....hmm
well I love to take baths and even stuck my face all the way in the water.
i was going after my ducky.
i really love to stand up and will avoid sitting if i can.
i like to get straight as a board when mommy tries to put me in the carseat.
i have started growling now along with lots of other sounds.
my two bottom teeth are coming in more and more and you can really see them!
i like to chew on mommy's collar bone.
she screams...oops. sorry mommy! :)
hope you are great!