Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A wonderful Mother's Day! Happy Anniversary to my sweet Hubby! And some other fun!

 First a random pictures of our chickens.
 13 years ago I started dating this long haired crazy guitar player.....
today we celebrate 8 incredible years of marriage!
Oh no...where did his hair go!! 
Love you Honey!
Holly playing the role of goalie for the soccer game.
Good thing she has her soccer socks on!

 What an amazing Mother's Day.
We went to brunch at the Kootenai River Inn.
Then walked the property together, enjoying the beautiful day.
Then the kids and I went to Super One for salads.
Home for bike ride and movie fun.
I am so blessed with an incredible family!
 Love these three!

 This is the spring that Matt developed on our other 5 acres.  It flows just under 5 gallons a minute constant.  It is pretty amazing.
 No doubt about it...my kids love the woods!

My beautiful babies!

Katherine's third summer of riding! She is doing great...and looks so BIG!

Can't believe how big she looks this year!  She really has grown.
She is doing great riding so far.  Sierra is doing a great job as always and continues to encourage Katherine to set goals and build her confidence. 
She is now trotting by herself.  Next step loping.  She hasn't done that since she fell off last spring.
So proud of my baby girl!

Fun making Smores!

 So excited for the campfire and smores.
There is a great video but it wouldn't load.

 Daddy giving instructions...
 little bit closer Katherine

 Yummy and wonderful!  Sticky too!!
Wes got so sticky his chair fell over backwards and he had deer poop stuck to his arms.
Too funny!!

My flower bulbs actually bloomed!

 These are pics of the bulbs I planted in the fall.
I actually had flowers!

Fun pics of the kiddos!

 So apparently Matt and his siblings would always wear their Dad's white t-shirts as pajamas. 
So Matt talks about this all the time with the kids and they got all excited.  Then they went in his drawer and put on his black socks.
Daddy was so excited! 
 Katherine is really getting into washing the dishes!
Love it!

 Fun on the swing set!

One more dishes pic.

Surprise trip home for Heather's Bridal Shower in April!

In April, I made a quick trip home and with the help of my dear Father in law surprised my parents and sister. It was so much fun to be there for the shower and to see everyone.
Here are some fun pics of the shower and my beautiful sister.
Can't wait for the big day!

 Ahhh...love my sister!!

Beautiful Bride!!