Friday, August 24, 2007

Time for a new car seat

This was my 1st ride in my car seat!
I was 2 days old on my way home from the hospital.

Here I am now!

Mommy can't believe how small I used to be.
Good bye car seat! We have many adventures together over the past year. We have been all over Idaho and into WA. Flew on an airplane to MN twice and cruised all around there. I have taken many wonderful naps in you. And you even protected me when Mommy took us on a wild ride into the ditch. Thank you for keeping me SAFE! Now it is time for me to move into my "big girl" seat.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

The Future is so Bright!!

Hey Everyone..
Check out my shades!
So far being 1 is great. I went to the dr. for my check-up yesterday.
I weigh 19 lbs 15 ozs and am 29 inches long.
I told them all about how I love "crackers". What a duck says, cow and fish!
Then I was playing with some blocks and dropped one...which you know is an "utt oh"!
I had to get three shots....OUCH! But then the nurse gave me a sucker so I forgave her.
I am taking a few steps here and there but I still prefer the speed of crawling.
Life is great!
Hope you are doing great too!!