Monday, June 23, 2008

Would like to hear me count??

Little Miss in high heels...singing her ABC's

Almost 23 months!!

This weekend we went shopping in Coeur d alene and I got a new swimsuit for this summer.
Do you love it or what!?!

Ruby and I hanging out on Sunday. I like to feed her rocks and sticks.
Chillin' on Mommy after bathtime. The baby in mommy's tummy makes a good pillow.

We are all doing good. Mommy is feeling great and her tummy just keeps getting bigger and bigger. The baby is moving around all of the time. I felt the baby kick me the other day. It was pretty funny. Mommy is going to school this summer to get her master's so she is busy working on that. But we still make sure we have plenty of time to play. I like to be home with mommy. I only go and play with my friends two times a week...then I get to stay with mommy. I am almost two years old. I actually get to fly on an airplane to celebrate my 2nd birthday in Mn. That will be so much fun! I love to sing. I can sing my ABC's and count to 10. Some of my other favorites songs to sing are "Row Row your boat" and "Itsy Bitsy Spider". I also love to dance!

We hope you are having a great summer.

Cuddling with some of my friends

Here I am with some of my buddies. I am so busy taking care of everyone.
This is my mad face! Don't mess with me!

Time to rest on kitty!

Picnic with Ruby

I helped daddy carry his lunch in the other day. But I only made it to the picnic table where I set up a nice snack for myself. Mommy and Daddy found me here having my lunch.
I think Ruby wants a bite too.

Fashion Trends in the making

Here is Cody sporting the latest in red fur hats with the lace bow headband accent.
The newest look for when you are going out to do some heavy duty sandbox digging.

Here we have Katherine ready for a great day at Gabby Goose. The upside down sunglasses could be the next big thing to hit the fashion world.

Too cute!!

22 months old

Ready to go help Daddy outside. I just love being outside. I get so mad at mommy and daddy when they make me come in at night for bedtime. I think I should just sleep outside.
My hair is more bald daddy says I have a true MULLET! Go hocky hair!

Jammin' with Daddy and the guys.

Eating veggies and dip with Mommy

I love veggies and dip. Well I really love the dip part. Mommy let me dip all by myself.

Cowgirl Katie

Getting ready to boot scoot!

Fun Pics

This is my friend Jade. She was born in the same hospital as me on the SAME DAY. She is an hour older than me. We had so much fun dressing up and playing together.
This is my baby Jon.
I love her so much. I like to read her stories and feed her and put her to bed.

Time to help Mommy and Daddy plant the garden. We planted it Mother's day weekend.
There is always time to go for a ride in the stroller!

Come on Mommy!!

My pretty Easter dress

Although we didn't get any pictures taken on Easter. This is the pretty dress that MaU and Grandpa Bob sent me. These pictures were taken in March.

Mommy's new car....Daddy's new lawn mower!

Hey there! Sorry it has been so long! Boy have we been busy. Here I am in "my truck"....mommy's actually but I like to say it is mine.
Daddy got a new lawnmower. Now he can make our grass and weeds look so pretty. really is getting greener at our house. Not so much dirt...right Grandpa Bob.