Monday, September 15, 2014

First Day of School!! (A little late)

When I started this blog so long ago, this day seemed forever away...
but here it is.
Matt and I are officially the parents of school agers!
No more more toddlers...NO MORE PRESCHOOLERS...
Where has the time gone??!!??

Wesley loves Kindergarten!
He is doing great and brings home a SUPER BEHAVIOR paper every night.
It is so fun to listen to him tell us about all he is learning.
Last night at the supper table he says, 
"Mom, do you know what a parallelogram is?  Would you like to see me draw a rhombus?"  
He is really quite precious!!

Katherine continues to blow me away with how "grown up" she is.
Where did that little pumpkin seed go??
What a difference a year makes??!!??
Our confident girl is back in full stride this year.
She is so willing to help and loves to take care of others.
She loves to help her teacher in morning KidKare make sure everyone is going to the right place.
She is loving third grade.  Does her homework every night without being told...and is really soaring!
We went to the water park this weekend with her Girl Scout troop and it was so fun to watch her running all over swimming away, having the time of her life.  Also a little sad, that she didn't need me right there by her.  AND NO LIFE JACKET!  I mean I think it is time to freeze time.
They really are getting too big!!

We are truly blessed with two amazing kids that make our life so wonderful!

Love these two angels!!
Kindergarten and 3rd grade