Tuesday, May 27, 2014

 Memorial Day Weekend we went down to Wells to spend some time with Grandpa Bob and Grandma Sue.  Auntie Heather and Uncle Nate came down too! 
It was a great weekend of fun!!

 Saturday we all gathered at Grandma Mary's house to visit and celebrate Lilly's birthday.
Cousin Tiffany and her husband, Chris with their little boy Stan were there too from Texas.
It was so fun to be with a bunch of the Majeski clan!

 Cooling off!!

 Wesley had so much fun playing with the girls!!  He wanted to have a sleepover with Lilly!!
The rest of the weekend he kept asking to go to Amboy and see the girls!!
Color tag is his new favorite game!
Thanks Kallie, Lilly, and Julianna!!!
Love you all!!

 Getting ready to go to the cemetery.
Wesley picked out gold with black flowers for the baby's grave.
My Mom and Dad lost a baby boy when I was three.  Mom and I were in a car accident.
So we went out and put flowers on the grave and visited the other family members that are there.

 Wesley was so cute at the site.  He patted the stone and said, "Hi Baby Joseph" and just kept patting the grave.  Then he leaned down and gave it a kiss.

 Then he stood up and gave Great Grandpa Ralph a big hug!

 Color Tag!!!

 Victory Dance!!

 Ladder Ball Tournament!!
Grandpa Bob and Mommy were the champions!!

 Off to Minneopa Falls to hike...and get attacked by mosquitos!!!


 Climbing the tree!!!
 Hi Grandma Mary!!

 Meet Tusk!
Grandma and Grandpa adopted a new dog while we were here!
He is so sweet and gentle.
And he came with a dog sled.
Grandma Sue is PRETTY EXCITED!!!

Great times with family!!
We love that we are close enough to come down for a long weekend!!!
Happy Summer!!!