Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Cousin Cody & the balloon

Hey Cody, can I see your balloon?
Come on Cody..please can I touch the balloon?
Let me at him, Mom!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

A weekend at the hotel!

This weekend we went to a hotel in Spokane. Daddy played bass for a band at a conference there. And we got to stay in the hotel. It was so much fun!
I kept Mommy up ALL night the first night.
So the second night she let me sleep with her! We had a whole bed & daddy had his own!
Now that is the life!
here we are in the pool. brrrr
we may look happy but it was sure freezing in there.
i loved to look at the blue water but i sure didn't want to be IN it.
So mommy decided it would be more fun to swim in the bath tub.
that was great and WARM!

kicked back and relaxing on the floor.

can you believe all these pillows??

mommy and I had fun playing with toys in the room while daddy was practicing.

wanna kiss?!?

So how is the house coming anyway??

Here is a little tour of our house....mommy says "sorry it is messy"
So this is from the outside.Here is my room. The colors didn't turn out the best in the picture but you get the idea. There are pink flowers stamped in the yellow stripe and the ceiling is blue with clouds.
Mommy's friend Gina helped make this room so pretty!
I have a shaggy green rug that will go on the floor.
First mommy has to scrub them really really good. This is standing at the front door looking in.
There is our wood stove. It makes the house nice and warm and cozy.

Oh...here is daddy and me taking alittle cuddle break together!

Here is Mommy and Daddy's room from standing on the deck side.
And this is from the stairs side.
These pictures are kinda blurry mommy! oops.

Here are our beautiful doors and trim that daddy did!

He is doing such a great job!

Bath time is so much fun.

This is the utility room. Are you impressed that I know a word that BIG!

There is all the crazy water stuff.....what a mess this well is.

Here is the step up to the kitchen.

mommy and i love the tile work daddy did!

our new sink!

this is going to make a great swimming spot!

the kitchen!

please excuse daddy's mess.

So there you have alittle idea of what our new house looks like.

daddy is putting the finishing touches on and mommy will be CLEANING AND CLEANING SOON!

Lisa and Amber are going to help her so that will be great!

then if all goes good with the well......

we can MOVE IN!

I am so excited to live in my new house!

I'm so exhausted!

Sometimes after a long day of playing I just need to crash in mommy's arms!
It's the best place to sleep. (daddy's work good too!)

Read Read Read

For Valentine's Day Grandma & Grandpa Summer sent me this book
that plays music and has my picture.
I really like to read it.
Thank you sooo much!
I also got a pretty dolly from Oma and $$ from Grandpa Schreiner & Great Grandma Mary.
I used the $$ to buy a new jacket for this spring. It is so pretty!
Thank you!
I love you!

Saturday, February 03, 2007

A great Saturday!

Guess what???
Today I got to stay home all day with Mommy AND Daddy.
We had so much fun together playing with toys on my blanket.

I got to go swimming in the kitchen sink with Mommy too.

It was so much fun. I liked to try and drink the water out of the faucet when it was running.

That really made Mommy laugh.

Following in Daddy's footsteps...

Let me play!

I went for my 6 month checkup this week.

I weigh 17lbs 12 1/2 ozs and am 27 inches long.

That keeps me in the 90%tile.

I also had my two bottom teeth pop out this week.

That's alot of work and requires a whole lotta drool.

Hope you had as great of a Saturday as I did.

This is the life

Who needs a crib....
I prefer Mommy & Daddy's bed!
Now that is comfort.
Mommy & Daddy don't agree though.
We will see about that!