Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Little Super Model

I had to do a project for one of my classes where I purchase a garment and track it through 1st wash. Katherine was my model. It was so fun to do this together.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Grandpa Scott and Great Grandpa come to visit and Mommy's birthday

About 2 months ago I told Katherine I wanted a beach towel and she remembered and told daddy that is what she wanted to get me. I was so surprised...thank you Katherine!! I love it.

New glasses!!

Cutie eating machine!

Fun pics

Handsome Wesley is 18 months old. He is growing up so fast. And finally a picture WITHOUT the nukie! He is talking so much now and is a bit of a hitter. Especially to his sister...poor girl.

He designed his own outfit here. He loves his hat and boots!!

The crew!

Susie and Cody

Pretty Easter hair...for about 3 hours.

Ready to hunt eggs!

Happy Easter!

All dolled up and ready to go!

Hunting eggs at our house!

Dying Eggs..Wesley was sleeping...maybee next year.

Easter Egg Hunt...brrrr

Mom-it's the Easter Bunny!!

Wes thought it was more fun to pick up the eggs and throw them instead of putting them in his basket.

So we have had amazing warm weather all of Feb and March. Now in April it is freezing! It was a very cold and windy easter egg hunt! Thankfully it is all over in about 10 minutes.

Bowling Night!

Katherine had a great idea the other night to go bowling. So off we went to the local bowling alley. We all had so much fun. Katherine was yet again the winner! Guess she is following in her Grandpa Bob's footsteps.
The kids did their celebration dances after every turn. ALthough we only made it about 5 frames and Wes was done. So Katherine and I finished while Daddy entertained Wes.
Lots of fun!

Playing outside and snack time on the kitchen rug

Hotel Fun! Weekend in Coeur d'alene...stayed in a hotel, played at the park by the lake, shopping for mommy, lots of good food for all...plus LOTS of Family FUN! ALthough Wesley did NOT like swimming.