Monday, July 30, 2007

Happy Birthday To Our Sweet Pumpkin Seed!

It's hard to believe that a year has already passed.
What an amazing year it has been filled with God's blessing!
We love you so much sweet Katherine Susan!
You continue to amaze us each and everyday!
Happy 1st Birthday sweetie!
All our love forever,
Mommy & Daddy

It's my birthday!

Today's my birthday!
Time to go to the party!!
Hangin' w/ Auntie Susie
Hmm what is the ribbon doing here?? Spaghetti Lunch...Mmm my favorite!

MOMMY...Where's the cake??That's better!
Wow this tastes pretty good. Cousin Cody stealing some frosting!
He has been so excited for this party. He has been talking about it for weeks!

Time to rub it in good!!The final masterpiece!Playin in the tent!
There's daddy...the grill master! Justin tapping the keg...of root beer that is!

Here we are opening presents!

Time to make a castle!

Daddy look at Mommy and me.... opening presents!

This is my Auntie Dem and she was amazing this weekend! She came up on Friday and spent the weekend helping us get ready for the party. She was working non-stop all weekend! Thank you for all your help, Auntie Dem. We couldn't have done it with out you!
Love you!!

We had so much fun at my party! There were so many friends and family here. WE SURE MISSED OUR MN FAMILIES THOUGH!
We ate lots of yummy food and drank LOTS of root beer. Daddy set up a frisbee golf course for the big kids. I played with all my friends and had a wonderful time!
When everyone had gone home and I finished my 3rd bath of the day!
I was dancing in the living room for mommy and daddy...way past my bedtime. And then I decided it was time and took three steps all by myself! mommy and daddy and auntie dem were so excited!
Look out world here comes Katie Sue!

12 Months Old!!

It's my birthday!
Yes it's true...I am 12 months old today!!
I have 7 teeth now and am working on more!
On my birthday I took 4 steps and then next day I took 10!!
Look out pretty soon I am going to be a walking machine.
I can say mama, dada, daddy, quack quack (for duck), mmmm (for cow) and smack my lips (for fish)...and my newest most favorite word..........CRACKER!
I am also have learned a whole bunch of signs at daycare.
more, eat, milk and please.
Mommy & Daddy are so impressed with my manners....I can sign more please.

Getting Warmed Up for the BIG DAY!

here I am opening up some presents that came in the mail....mommy was so excited she let me open them on Thurs. before my birthday! She told daddy "we needed to practice"! I like mommy's thinking!
Like my new shades from Oma! I am a cool chick!
Look at these presents with duckie paper from Grandpa Bob and Grandma Sue!
I'm just gonna load these up on my truck.
Hello! Thank you for the phone!! I love it!
Look what Daddy built me for my birthday!
Mmmm...I like to taste it! YUCK!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

I love spaghetti tastes better when you rub it all over your face!

Grandpa Scott, Auntie Annie and Pat come to visit! (watch out for'll have to ask Pat)

Grandpa Scott and I watching the parade on the 4th of July. I am telling him "more more".
After a very long and exciting car trip (you will have to ask them about it), the Schreiner's arrived! We had so much fun with them the week they were here. Here we are at the parade on the 4th of July in Bonners Ferry. Do you like my MN Twins dress for Auntie Annie and Pat?
The Budweisser Clydesdales were in the parade this year. They were so beautiful!
I got to open some early birthday presents from Grandpa, Annie and Pat.
It was so much fun tearing the paper and chewing on the ribbon.

Thank you so much for all of the wonderful presents.

Here we are at Kootenai Falls. Grandpa thought we should go for a swim but Mommy wouldn't let him. We walked across the swinging bridge too. Mommy was nervous at first but then didn't think it was too bad. Pat didn't really like the heights!! WE ALL HAD FUN THOUGH!
Daddy and I wanted to get it bouncing but Mommy said "NO WAY!"

The pool was so much fun. I loved the water. Check out my tattoo from Auntie Anne and Uncle Jon. It says "Mom".
I love my new whale swim toy!

This was my favorite part of swimming....jumping in!
Okay I'm!!

We had so much fun with Grandpa, Anne, and Pat. Thank you so much for coming out to visit. Hope you can come again sometime. Love you tons!!!