Wednesday, August 30, 2006

4 weeks old!!

I'm 4 weeks old!! Mommy & Daddy can't believe how much i am changing! Everything is going great and we are all doing good.
i still like to hang out in the middle of the night w/mommy. she thinks i should sleep...but i just love our chats to much!

new pictures!

here i am.....busy playing in my playdome, taking a bath, and cuddling w/mommy. mommy wanted me to tell you sorry it has taken so long (for those of you that have been waiting). i have been keeping her pretty busy!

my new friend....mommy's too!

Sunday, August 20, 2006

my 1st party

this weekend auntie susie & oma had a party for me! here i am hanging w/ daddy. it was so much fun. today i snuggled w/ some of my new toys! thank you so much auntie susie and oma....and thank you to all who came to see me and for the presents!

Three Weeks Old!

I'm 3 weeks old! we are doing great! mommy is stronger everyday! i still like to wake up a couple times at night.....i just love to eat!!!!

Oma Deb comes to visit

Oma came to visit this week. She cooked and cleaned and cuddled w/ me! It was lots of fun having her!

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Two Weeks Old!

Hey there everyone! I'm 2 wks old. Mommy can't believe it. I went to the dr and he says I'm doing great! I weigh 7lbs 6 ozs! That is a whole pound more than when I left the hospital and 13ozs since last Thurs. What do you expect.......I love to eat!!! We are all doing great. Hope you are doing well. lots of love & blessings, Katherine Susan........Mommy & Daddy too

Hanging w/ Daddy

Thank You Grandma Sue!

Daddy & Grandma Sue did it!! They finished shingling the roof! Then we had to say goodbye to grandma yesterday. We miss you so much already! Thank you again for EVERYTHING! It was so much fun having you here! We love you!

Saturday, August 05, 2006

I'm One Week old!

Mommy & Daddy can hardly believe it......but it's true. I am one week. I went to the dr and he said everything looked great. My jaundice is going away and I even gained 3 1/2 ozs already. I even peed on the nurses shoe when I was getting weighed. She said she hadn't ever seen a girl shoot pee like that. Daddy was pretty proud! This is the purple bear Grandpa Bob sent me in the hospital. As you can see I just love to kiss him! He is so soft and cuddly!

Grandma Sue

We are having a great time w/Grandma Sue here! She has been so much help. during the delivery she was up for 41 hours straight helping Mommy & Daddy and me. Daddy & Grandma have gotten lots done on the house too! We will be sad when we have to say good-bye, but know we have to share her w/Grandpa Bob too! Thanks for sharing Grandpa!

Cousin Kirsten

My cousin Kirsten came to visit this week with Great Grandma Mary and Great Uncle and Aunt Bea and Kevin. It was lots of fun having them here. They helped Daddy lots with the house too! Thanks so much! We had a great time!

1st bath w/ help from Great Grandma Mary!

great grandma mary came to visit from mn and helped mommy give me my first bath! it wasn't to bad but i still complained alittle! i just don't really like being naked!

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

So serious!

Mommy and Katie having a very serious discussion.

Introducing Katherine Susan Schreiner

Katherine Susan (Katie Sue) was born Friday, July 28th, 2006 at 6:34 pm. (on her due date.) She weighed 6lbs 12ozs and was 21 inches long. Mommy and baby are doing great! (So is Daddy.) After 20 some hours of labor-4 1/2 of which were pushing- Katherine was delivered by C-section. We came home from the hospital yesterday and are doing better & better everyday! God Bless you all. We are so in love with our little miracle.
lots of love,
M & M & K