Friday, March 21, 2008

A girl needs her beauty sleep!

With all the hard work I do all day it is important I take some time to kick back and get my beauty rest!! pictures!!!

Sorry it has been so long! We have been so busy lately with Mommy's new teaching job and feeling yucky with the new baby. I have been busy playing and taking care of Mommy. Daddy too. I am going to be 20 months next Friday.
I love to dance and sing and play with my babies.
Check out the cool shed we found in our yard!

I love to play outside!! It is so much fun to stomp around in the mud!
Mmmmm chocolate! Quick I gotta eat it before Mommy gets it!

Coat, Hat, Boots-who needs anything else!

Check out some of my crazy new outfits!! I am all about wearing my frog boots and a coat with my hat and mittens. I mean really who needs anything else!!

I love Candy!

Thank you for the Easter treats Grandma and Grandpa. I really loved to tear into the candy! Mommy will be sending you the dentist bill. ha ha!!

Also thank you for the beautiful dress and sweater and cute bunny.

Oma- Thank you for the package. I really like the Bunny that jumps out of the box! It makes me scream everytime!!

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Sorry we have been missing lately!!

Just wanted to stop and say HI! Sorry haven't posted any pictures for a while. Mommy is super busy with her new job teaching at the high school. Plus I have been sick. I ended up with pnemonia last week which was pretty scary for mommy and daddy. But I am all better now. Mommy promises she will try to get some pics up this weekend. She hasn't been feeling to good lately. Guess what.........I'm gonna be a BIG SISTER!!!