Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter
Grandpa and Grandma Summer sent me this beautiful dress.
Thank you so much!

Daddy & I found our basket.

God Bless you all!

love you

Mmmm...these things are good!

These biscuits are soooo good!
Daddy thinks they are kinda messy.
Wanna taste?!?

I just love to feed myself!
I have to be careful though...Ruby likes biscuits too.
Mommy doesn't like it when I feed them to her.
This one is all for me!

Auntie Dem & Austin come to visit.

On Saturday, Auntie Dem and Austin came over to play. Here I am helping Austin play video games with daddy. He didn't really like it when I tried to help him with the buttons. Boys...what do they know. I was just trying to show him the cool moves! I'll just eat the cord instead then.

Auntie Dem and I played with toys in my room. We had so much fun.
Thanks for coming over!

8 months old!

I'm outta here!

I'm 8 months old now.

I have been working on some more teeth for a few weeks now....no signs yet.

I am almost crawling. I can go to my hands and knees from sitting. I really love to STAND UP and walk around the house with help from mommy and daddy. I am getting pretty good at it. I like to tell mommy & daddy "no no" when they try to feed me disgusting things. Eating solid foods is so much fun. I love my teething biscuits and crackers. Avocados and bananas...oh peaches and pears too. Yummy!

This week I have figured out how to make new noises with my hand and my mouth. It is amazing all the different sounds you can make.

Turkeys in our front yard!

I was sitting in the living room playing with Mommy & Daddy the other night. Daddy looked out the window and saw 11 turkeys in our from yard! You can see the one "strutting his stuff". It was pretty cool. The next morning when Mommy came out of the bathroom there were two toms "strutting" right outside our front door. Now that is wilderness we like to see!