Thursday, May 31, 2007


Mommy gave me a popsicle yesterday!
It was so yummy and cold!
I loved it!

Here I am trying to get into daddy's chair.

I just can't get my leg up that high yet. Pretty soon!

10 months old

I'm 10 months old!
Can you believe it!
I'm really liking my new friends at my new daycare. We have so much fun together.
I love to play outside. Digging in the sand and swinging are my favorite things to do.

I have also decided NO MORE BABY FOOD. Give me the good stuff.

I love sloppy joes, peas, carrots, pineapple,peaches, pears....MMmmm. Let me have it all!
I went to a special eye doctor in Spokane last week to make sure my eyes were okay. Everything looks great she said! She was so impressed with all the games I knew and my "outgoing personality". She was good at playing peek a boo with me. Although I like to cover my ears instead of my eyes so I can see the funny faces big people make. They are so funny!

Cheese! I have a new smile too! A girl has to show off her new teeth!

I have two on the top and two on the bottom now. I crawl all over the place and can pull myself up and walk around on the furniture. Mommy thinks I will be walking in no time.

I love playing with all my toys and going for walks with Mommy and Daddy. Can't wait to see some of you here soon. love you all!

Harley Baby!!

here's my new dress Grandpa Bob bought me when I was in Mn.
Stop tickling me Daddy! I come!!
Hanging out with Daddy in our HD t-shirts!

You don't wanna mess with me!

Future Biker Chick

My Hawaiian Dress From Julie

I am off to the beach!
Not really...but here I am off to work with Mommy in my Hawaiian dress from Julie. She got me these fancy socks too. Mommy says someday she will teach me how to tap dance too!
Thank you Julie for the pretty outfit.
ps..for those of you who don't know Julie was mommy's dance teacher when she was growing up!

Monday, May 21, 2007

I started Day care Today!!

Today is a big day for me!! I am going to a new day care starting today. I really loved the kids and all the new toys. There are twin girls there that are a few months older than me. I will keep you posted....but I think this is going to be a fun adventure!

Friday, May 11, 2007

More 9 month pics!

This is my favorite hat. It was Mommy's when she was a baby. Grandma Sue made it for her.
Reading People mag is so much fun! Tearing it up is even MORE FUN!
Me and Daddy getting clean!
Ooooo I love the water!


I'm 9 months old!
I am crawling all over the place. I can pull myself up and walk with help. I can't get enough walking..I LOVE IT! Too bad those adults just can't keep up with me! Gotta move!!
My top teeth are coming in so that makes 4 teeth. You can see them in some of the pics.
At the dr. this Monday I weighed 19lbs 5ozs and am 28 inches long. That puts me in the 70%tile. I say dada and love to play "Patty Cake". Lisa taught me how to "mark it with a B". (I point to my hand.) Mommy thinks that is so cute.
It is warming up and I love to go for walks and be outside.
I love feeding myself. Bananas and avocados are my favorites!
See you soon!

A bath and then we are off to the airport......

I love to take baths in the sink!
It is so fun to splash.

So a quick bath and we are off to the airport.

Of course if you see when this message is posted you know that we are now back from our trip. We didn't take a camera with us and haven't gotten pics back from everyone yet. So I will just tell you a bit about my WONDERFUL trip to MN!

Mommy and I flew in just in time for our cousin Alissa's wedding. We were so busy getting the church decorated and helping get everyone ready. It was a beautiful day and a beautiful wedding. I loved the bubbles. I also got to meet all of the "great cousins" on the Majeski side of the family! There is 10 of us! My favorite part was the dance! Mommy and I partied. I was a dancing machine. Mommy said the next morning I was still dancing and singing in my sleep.

After the wedding we spent the next days in Wells at Grandma and Grandpa Summer's.

It was so much fun visiting everyone. We spent some time with Great Grandma Mary, went to cousin Kallie's 1st Communion party, went shopping at the Harley store. (Grandpa said no harley for me yet...) On Tues Oma came to Wells and spent the afternoon with us. It was fun to play with her. Then on Thurs, Mommy and I were off to MPLS to pick Daddy up from the airplane. We missed him SO MUCH!

After some lunch with Grandpa Scott and alittle shopping, we were off to meet up with daddy's old band....Big Fat Jam. They had to get ready for their reunion show. While Daddy went off to practice with the boys, Mommy and I got to hang with all of our friends. Clara and Jaeger are my bestest friends from Mn. Clara is the oldest...her birthday was in the end of March. Jaeger...he is a month older than me...and he is so cute. I just wanted to kiss him and hold his hand. We are all the best of buddies.

The next night Mommy and Daddy went to the show and Auntie Becky stayed with Jaeger and me. We had so much fun with her. Thank you Auntie Becky for taking such good care of me and cuddling with me!

The last day we spent in Owatonna at Grandpa Scott's house. Auntie Annie and Pat came over. And Great Uncle Rich and Aunt Sandy were there with cousin Elizabeth. Uncle Jon came by with some of his friends from school. Grandma Sue and Great Grandma Mary came for lunch and to say Good Bye. Then Grandpa Bob came after work to say Good bye too.

WOWie...what a wonderful trip we had filled with so many fun times and so many friends and family. We loved every minute and it was so hard to say Good Bye. I did a great job on the plane and made some new friends there too.

Thank you to everyone who made our trip so wonderful. We love you all so much. We can't wait for you to come visit us out here in ID.


Have you Missed Me?? Sorry it has been so long...

It is hard work getting ready for a trip!
Mommy was busy packing for our trip to Mn. Daddy and I were helping but then I just needed to snooze!! Daddy is so sad to see us go! We will be gone a whole week before he comes to Mn too!