Monday, November 02, 2009

Happy Halloween

We had a great Halloween adventure this year!! Dorothy, a chicken, baby doll and Grandpa Bob-Harley Dealer headed out with jellyfish, raggady andy, and the wild animal for a fun night of trick or treating.
We started out the day painting and coloring pumpkins since all of the ones at BTC were frozen and had to be thrown away. SO we painted and decorated instead. Then Cody and Susie came over and we made some sugar cookies which turned into a frosting party. Katherine got makeup for her Halloween treat and as you can see she got pretty creative with her designs. The kids got glow sticks from one of Matt's co-workers and had a blast with them all the way home in the dark car. I truly believe that it was the highlight of Wesley's night. Katherine and Cody had so much fun marching up to the houses and tick or treating. Overall it was a great day!!