Saturday, October 28, 2006

3 Months Old!!

I carved my very first pumpkin today with Mommy and Auntie Dem. I have to admit they did most the work though. But I had fun watching. Daddy bought me the biggest...also the only pumpkin left in the store. It weighed 26 lbs. That is twice as much as me!

I am 3 months old!
I just love sucking on my fist.
I have also found my hands and figured out that I can move my arms and grab things.
Look out when I get swinging......I might just pop you one.
I am having so much fun checking out some of my new toys.
Mommy and Daddy sing "Old MacDonald" to me and I just love it!
I am starting to sing along.
I also love to pretend I am a lizard and stick out my tongue!

Chilling w/Uncle Jon

I had lots of fun with my Uncle Jon! Here we are dancing in the kitchen.
Wait till you see the great camo outfit he got me!
Thanks Uncle Jon.
Love you

My Dedication....October 22nd 2006

On Sunday October 22nd, Mommy and Daddy had me dedicated at our church-Cedar Hills.
It was a very wonderful day filled with God's Blessings.
Grandma Sue bought me this beautiful dress. I just loved to suck on the lace.
Thank you so much Grandma!
miss you

Grandma Sue & Uncle Jon come for a visit!

Mommy and I helping on the house!! Like my new hat........thanks grandma!! Here is Daddy, Uncle Jon, and Grandma Sue putting the siding on our house. They got this whole side finished the week they were here! Thanks for all your help!!
Here is Grandma pounding away!

There is Daddy and Jon measuring and cutting. Lots of work was done! But we still had time to play too! We miss you both! Thanks for coming to visit!!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

2 1/2 months

i did it!
Yesterday I had my 2 month checkup....and shots!! ouch!
But i was brave and only cried alittle bit.
I weigh 12 lbs 13 ozs now and am just about 24 inches long.
That puts me in the 90%tile.
Look out Uncle Jon-I might be as tall as you someday!
this last weekend we worked on staining the siding for the house.
this is a pic of me and mommy taking a break.
Thank you so much to Gina, Dem, Austin, Amanda, Amy and Tristian
for coming and helping us out!
We appreciate all your hard work!
This is the house right now.
Daddy is busy working on the wiring now. We have power and a well!
Things are moving right along!
Well I have to go eat some more....a girl's work is never done!!
love you lots & blessings!

Cowgirl Katie

Howdy y' all!
Like my cowgirl kicks!!
Thank you Anderson's!!

The Many Faces of Katie Sue

Smile for the just mommy & daddy! We got one though!