Thursday, February 24, 2011

We are back! Sorry for the delay in new pics!

Due to bad internet connections and lack of computer, the blog has seriously been neglected. But I am happy to report that we are back and running!
In case you don't recognize them...these really are the kids!! ha ha They are getting so big!
Katherine is in preschool and can now write her whole name! Her teachers are so impressed as her name is so long. She is a letter writing machine! She loves to staple together paper to make notebooks and then write letters. The other day she had rows of letters and in one of the rows she had written DORKO. I said "Katherine, you just wrote Dorko." She laughed so hard. It is so cute!
Wesley shadows Katherine at preschool as well as does his own class. He knows his ABC's, when his birthday is ("October 3" he says.), what letter his name starts with, as well as sings an incredibly cute version of "somewhere over the rainbow". He loves playing Barbies and house with his sissy. They are the best of buddies. But will not turn down the chance for a good wrestling match whether you want to or not. He loves to be tickled till he can't hardly breathe. Then he pauses and says "Do it again!" Currently he is most looking forward to becoming a hockey player at the age of 4. And loves to inform everyone that he is going to kindergarten next year. That could be a struggle when it doesn't happen. He will be the first 2 yr old enrolled!

"Look at my big muscles!" That is what he is saying when I took this picture!

Big girl Katherine! She now showers all by herself. She can wash her hair and everything. When she finished this time she asked me to wrap her hair like I do. She was so proud. She is getting so big.
Katherine's eye surgery was a great success. Her eyes seem to be completely aligned now. She is still wearing the eye patch to strengthen the weak eye. And HATES IT! The novelty of the patch has worn off and now it is a big struggle. We go back in 3 weeks and they will check again as well as if she still needs to wear glasses for a couple more years. Right now she overfocuses but with her glasses her eyes focus correctly. So we will see what happens in March.

If the hair gets much longer he will look just like a former member of Big Fat Jam!
I just can't cut the curls!

Pretty Katherine! She has decided to grow her bangs out. From the bald baby to look at all this hair! Straight just like Mommy!

Overall we are all doing great. Matt is busy keeping up with the snow and working as well as little projects around the house all the time. I love my new job. It was six months yesterday. This job has been an amazing blessing. I really love what I am doing and the time with family! Am I still busy?? Yes, but I think that is just my nature. Dance team will be done this week and that will allow for more sleep in the morning and less running.
All is well in Idaho!

The nose dive

Here is a picture of the result of the nose dive I blogged about last. This is a couple days into recovery. Thankfully nothing was broken. Just scrapped up! He is so tough. When I would put medicine on his little eyes would water because it hurt so bad. But he would just take a deep breath and say "it really hurts Mom...oh it really hurts." But no tears. Such a tough baby! Tougher than Mommy!!

Snow snow SNOW

So these pictures were actually taken right around Christmas time. But after

the last two days it is crazy to say this...but we actually have more snow that this AGAIN! It had all melted. But last night when I got home from work this was the view once again. Here is our Schreiner sign and the view down our driveway. SPRING....where are you???!!!


Wesley is in love with Spiderman! Here he is in his outfit from Christmas. Although when Wes becomes spiderman it is a bit more violent. We checked the video out from the library so he could see that spiderman is actually a good guy! He loves to attack Katherine when he is spiderman. In or out of costume we are all getting wbs shot at us on a regular basis. He is without a doubt ALL BOY! Don't let the curls fool you!

Christmas 2010

The princess and the princes! The kids had a wonderful time playing together on Christmas Day. Looking at this picture I can't believe how big all of them are getting. Cody was pulling Katherine around on Heather's horse as the cape flowed behind. Wes chose jammies for the entire day! I love it!

Stocking stuffers!!
I remember when the stockings where bigger than the kids!

Katherine and Wesley with "new" barbie Alan sent from Grandma Sue. Wesley is very attached to Alan. Both Grandma and I played with him when we were little. It was so fun to play with all of my old barbie clothes. Oh the memories!