Thursday, September 22, 2011

Katherine competes in her First horse show!

This past Sunday, Katherine competed in her first horse show. She was in the lead line division.

She did a great job! There were two other girls in her division. Annabeth, who is a week older than Katherine, and in her kindergarten class. They go riding together too. The judge thought they all did such a fantastic job that he awarded them all 1st place!!

She was so excited.

Below are some pics of her in the show and with her friend, Annabeth.

Wes wanted to ride so bad. It is so hard to be little!

Brushing Jack afterwards!

This is Katherine'e teacher, Sierra. She is an incredible rider and wonderful young woman. We love her!! She won her division and received a belt buckle! Way to go Sierra!

Katherine got to rider Annabeth's horse, Star, after the show.

Sierra is so patient with the kids. They never want to stop and she just leads them round and round.

Kelly wants to get me out riding. I may be her most difficult student. Katherine says, "Don't worry Mom, I will teach you!"

Yee Haa...Wesley rides for the first time!

So the love for horses is shared with Wes as well.

After asking over 100 times on Sunday...we finally put him on the horse.

He loves to ride as much as his sissy.

When he started off, he yelled "Yee Haa".

Katherine says, so proud, "I taught him that"!

We are so thankful for the Spanglers!

Lovin' every minute!

Kindergarten and Preschool

September 6th marked another "first" in the Schreiner home.

Katherine started Kindergarten and Wesley started Preschool.

Katherine is going to Naples Elementary, which is a small school south of Bonners Ferry. It is a wonderful school with a magnet humanities/science program.

She loves school and is doing so good. We went to open house this week and I was blown away with everything she has done. She has changes so much in the three weeks she has been in school. So grown up and of course "in charge"! She loves riding the bus to day care after school to see her friends. She is making lots of new friends and learning so much.

Wesley started Preschool and is learning to be "on his own" from sissy. He loves taking her to school in the morning and playing on the playground with all of the big kids till the bell rings.

He is learning colors right now. It is so exciting to search the room for the color of the week.

His favorite part of the day (according to him) is when "sissy gets off the bus at daycare". He misses her dearly. They are so sweet.

He is getting so grown up too! Talking so much and helping around the house. Today he helped me sweep and mop the floors. Halfway through he said, "Mom this is really hard work!". Too cute!