Wednesday, December 11, 2013

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.....

Fun Pics from the last couple months....

I was doing so good at keeping the blog up to date until we  moved into the house.  But now that things are pretty much unpacked and slowing down some, I thought I should get caught up. 
Can't believe it is already December and the season of Christmas is upon us.
We have been so blessed in this last year and so I
am so thankful for how God continues to move in our lives. 
Wishing you all a Christmas filled with peace, joy, and love.
Merry Christmas!

Here's a look over the last month or so:

Happy Halloween
From Puss in Boots and Kitty Soft Paws
Thank you so much, Grandma Sue!  Amazing job as always!!

Skating with Daddy
Katherine was voted the "Be" Student of the Month for November
by her classmates.
This is a student who represents all the Be qualities
Be Respectful, Be Responsible, Be Helpful, Be Safe......
We are so very proud of her!

Happy Thanksgiving!
Waiting for Grandpa Bob and Grandma Sue to arrive with Grandma Mary and Granny.
So we did some baking to pass the time!

Time to play some Headbands!
The Great Grandmas loved this game!!

I think Wesley loved it the most though!

Even Grandma Sue got in on the fun....or maybe Grandma Sue was the fun!!
The kids kind of take over Grandma when she comes.
The rest of us see her once they finally pass out.
Amazing Grandma!!  Amazing MOM!
Love you

Grandma Mary's fancy new sweater from the craft fair!
Stylin' as always!!

Cuddling with Granny
Hanging with Grandpa.
We had so much fun with all the Grandmas and Grandpa Bob over Thanksgiving.
We felt so blessed to be able to have them all up to our new house.
One of the amazing perks of living here in the Land of FREEZE!
Thank you for making the trip!!
We had a blast with all of you!

Getting pretty good on those skates!!

My little Hockey baby!!

Katherine and Wesley at skatertots. Katherine is catching on to skating pretty quickly!!

Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Wesley's superhero birthday party!!

Even Grandpa Bob got in the spirit of the party for Wesley.
Here he is as Oden, Thor's father.

Wesley had so much fun having family and friends over for his 5th birthday party.
Everyone was dressed in their superhero best.
Grandpa Bob, Grandma Sue, Grandpa Scott, Heather, and Nate all made the trip for the party.
Wesley was thrilled!

Grandma as Catwoman

Daddy in his finest Batman attire

Oreo cake for the Oreo lover!!

Mommy as Black Widow

Auntie Heather truly is Supergirl.
She made all the fabulous capes you see in the pictures!
Thank you so much, Heather!!

Who is that masked man?
Could that be Uncle Nate???
Or Peter Parker??
Wesley has so much fun with Uncle Nate.
Uncle Nate played the super villian and ran around the yard throwing candy while all the kids shot silly string at him.
They were having so much fun shooting him that they didn't even notice all the candy he was throwing.
Too funny!!
Thank you Nate for being so adventurous!

 Wesley had an amazing time at his party!
Thank you all for making the trip to be with him!
We are so blessed to be closer to family and get to see you all so much more!

Here's a video of Wesley skating after being on the ice for only 2 months

Our sweet little Hockey Player!!

This was Wesley's first day on the ice back in October.
It is incredible to see how far he has come in the last two months.

Day One...October 2nd, 2013
Wes could barely stand up on the ice with the bar.

Yet, through it all,.he never cried or gave up.
Just determined to be a hockey player!
(Okay...maybe we did have one temper tantrum on the ice when the grandparents were visiting.  But I think he was just overwhelmed.)

One month into skating.  Looking great!

Wesley loves to go to the rink in the mornings with Daddy when he doesn't have to work.

Two months into skating and we are looking stronger than ever.
He is finding his balance better all the time and skating pretty fast.
I am blown away everytime I watch him on the ice.

Wesley has truly found something he loves to do.
It is a good thing too since we live in
Hockeytown, USA!

Thursday, October 03, 2013

Happy Birthday Wesley!!

Calling all Super Heros.....

Time to Hero Up!

The fun banner I made!


Spidey too!

Flying thru the living room!

Everyone is set and ready for the birthday boy!

The 5 yr. old super hero!! 
And his Shake it to Make it!

Sis was so excited for her brother's birthday.
Look at the excitement in her eyes!!

Go Warriors!

A true Schreiner.....loves him so Oreos!!
Grandpa Wesley would be so proud!!
He got his very own pack...but he did share with Daddy.

1st Hockey Jersey

Out for Breakfast with Mommy and Daddy

Add caption

Simple cake wish....
"I would like a cake in a pan with Superhero Rainbow frosting and gold."
Found gold candles and a tiny superman to make it complete.
Wesley's reaction...."Perfect Mom....I love it!"
What a sweet boy!!

Playing with Katherine after school.

Happy Birthday Sweet Wesley Matthew!

Pizza...cake...and a movie with our new neighbors!
What a fun night!

What a wonderful day!
Love you Wesley!!