Monday, January 14, 2008

Happy New Year!

Let the party begin!!

Is it midnight yet??
This new year is starting out with a bang! Mommy was just offered a job to teach at the high school here in Bonners Ferry. So in two weeks she is going to be leaving her job and starting a new one as the Family and Consumer science teacher (home ec is what it was called when she was in school). Who knows what they will call it when I am in high school??!!
Hope this new year finds lots of adventures for you too~

Sledding for the first time on New Year's Eve!

We made it back to Idaho after a very exciting trip back to Mn. Thank you so much to everyone for all of the wonderful gifts. It was so fun to be back and see all of you. We really miss spending time with family and love when we get the chance to do so!
Mommy and Daddy took me sledding on our property for the first time on New Year's Eve. It was so much fun. I would get alittle nervous on the way back up and yell "Whoa Whoa" to make sure they didn't dump me out of the sled.

On the Farm with Great Grandma & Grandpa Maurer

Cinderella Cinderella!Time to clean the floors!
So how do you work this thing anyway?
Just like Mommy!!
Like my flashing necklace Auntie Linda got us?
Cuddling with Great Grandma Maurer
Oma and I are playing with my "new" baby bed and baby. The bed was Great Grandma Maurer's when she was a little girl and the dolly was Oma's.
Hanging with Uncle Jon!
We has so much fun on the farm!

Christmas with the Summers'!

Kisses for Grandpa!

Mommy & Auntie Heather being silly!

Passing out presents~ Sure make the little one do all the work!

What do you have there Heather?

Yummy suckers in my stocking!!

My family!!
My great Granny!
Great Grandma Mary with the rest of the Summer girls
Mommy's family

Off to Cedar Rapids to visit Grandpa Schreiner and the Schreiner clan!

Daddy's family
Cutest baby in a box!
Having fun w/ Auntie Anne!
Chicken fight! Here Grandpa Scott and me are taking on Cousin Eric and Cousin Lily!
Eating apples with Great Auntie Sandy!

**you made the blog**smiles!!
Chillin' with Great Grandpa Wes and Lily
Check out our cool frog boots!

Merry Christmas from the Schreiner's

Cracker anyone??
We hope you had a very Merry Christmas!
lots of love,
Matt, Mel, and Katherine

Cookies and Cheetos! I love MN!

My first day in Mn we went to visit Auntie Heather at her salon and Grandma gave me a cookie w/ green frosting! I love hanging with Grandma!!
Then she taught me how to make my own cookies!
Here I am ready to go out and meet Grandma and Grandpa puppy. He is bigger than Ruby but so nice!

Grandpa Bob & I hanging out and singing songs on the computer. Isn't it time for cheetos, Grandpa?

Christmas in Idaho!

Before Mommy and I left for MN we opened our presents at home. It was so much fun. I especially liked standing on Daddy's present.
I got a new kitchen from Mommy and Daddy and food from Grandpa & Grandma Summer.
I can't wait to start cooking!

Santa Cruise with Mommy and Daddy

Mommy works for the Kootenai Tribe and one great thing they do for everyone at Christmas is a cruise to see Santa in Coeur dalene.

We got to go out on a boat and see all the pretty lights and then ended up at the north pole where Santa came and talked to all of us. He read all the names on the good list....and guess what....mine was on there. Then we had some yummy food and got to stay the night there. The room was so cool. It looked out over the lake. I was alittle nervous at first but loved looking out at all the pretty lights. We went swimming and watched TV. It was so much fun. Do you like my shower cap??