Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Feb. in North Idaho...snow...what is that??

The kids doing yoga!! This is Wesley's new trick.
Wesley's 1st time outside since he has learned to walk. We had a beautiful day on Sunday so we were outside playing in the mud! He loves his "new" frog rubber boots.

Already 16 months old and talking like crazy! The other morning Matt heard him laying in bed saying "Hey Buddy" over and over. Then he swtiched to "I love you". Katherine always says "hey buddy" in the morning when she sees him.

Little Princess continues to amaze us on a daily basis. She also reminds us she is not little anymore and is counting down the days till Kindergarten. Time is going too fast!!

Gotta love the slide! So much fun! Again..no snow. We have about 8 inches total this winter.

Digging in the sandbox...Wesley had to try alittle too! YUCK! Katherine has a hard time believing she used to eat it by the mouthful.

Anything you can do...I can do too! Wes wants to be just like his big sissy!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Daddy spoiled his girls with beautiful flowers!!
Thank you for a wonderful Valentine's Day, Honey!
Thank you to all of family for the special treats. The kids love the "dollars"!