Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Holiday decorating and Pudding Hair Gel

So here are our stocking and stair decorations. This is the only pic I got downloaded of the house. Our tree is outside under the deck in front of the big window. I was determined to finish decorating it on Monday. So while Katherine was napping I headed outside in the down pouring rain. I was soaked by the time I finished but at least it was done. The poor tree and decorations are taking a good beating from the wind but all and all they are hanging in there. I do need to make a few adjustments to the garland. Here is a pic of me when I was finished. You can't really see it but there is water running down my face. Merry Christmas!!

Monday night at dinner Katherine decided to do some experimenting with her pudding. So she would take a bite and then put a hand full on her head and slap it around and rub it in good. By the end it was running down her face. We have some good video footage of this also!! I think she may be on to something new in hair treatment. Maybe Auntie Heather should try it out on some of her clients!!

Playing in the snow!

Uh oh it's alittle deep for little people.
walking w/ daddy
catching snowflakes with our tongues cuddling in the snow...brrr mommy is getting cold!

Katherine has been so sick all last week with croup. Finally by Sunday she was feeling good enough to get outside for a few minutes and check out all the snow. Matt showed her how to eat it. She thought that was pretty fun. Before that she was a little freaked out by all the white stuff!

Snow in Idaho.....where did it go?

It started snowing Sat night and by Sunday at 2 this what it looked like outside.
We had over 2 feet of snow.

Matt's little Justy is under there somewhere.
By Monday it was raining..pouring and by Tues it was warm and you could see grass again.

This morning we woke up to sunshine and mud. NO SNOW! Crazy weather!!

Merry Christmas from the Schreiner's

Thanks Erin for giving me this idea! Click here to see the Schreiner's family boogie down: