Wednesday, April 25, 2012

It has been a busy week here at the Schreiner house

Today we welcomed to new additions
Eddie and Betty
 This is Eddie
 (a girl who is named after our dear late Eddie Rabbit)
 And Betty...
they are sisters.
They are so sweet and calm.
We picked them up this evening and got them all settled into their new home.
Wesley said, "Katherine is the Mama Chick and I am the Bunny Daddy".
So sweet.
Let the adventures continue.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Introducing the newest members of the Schreiner family.....

Katherine working so hard to prepare for the newest members of our family....
 We would like to introduce you to
Violet, Quiet, Loudy, Blackey, and Dirt Bert
 The Proud "Mama" Chic
 Wesley diving in to check them out.
Slow down sweet boy!!

 The kids are so excited to care for the sweet chicks.
 Katherine is doing her "show and tell" project for school on how to care for chicks.
She has taken on so much responsibility.
It is so fun to watch her with them.
 She just wants to hold them all the time.
Or she sits by the tote watching them and telling us to be quiet so they can sleep.
My favorite was when a couple looked up at her and she said "Hello there.  Are you looking at your mama?"  So precious.
 The chicks in action...the next pictures were taken by Katherine...

 There house for now.  Matt especially loves the chirping all night long!!
 Proud mommy!
 And her dear children
When you come to visit this fall, we will be able to treat you fresh eggs.
Fun times!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

A sunny day leads to many adventures!

We were blessed with the most wonderful day today!
After an incredible church service and taco picnic...our adventures began.
The kids and I cleaned out the garbage shed as we are preparing for our baby chicks this week.
Then on the way to the dump, we found a turtle lost on the road.
So we rescued him and returned him to the pond by our house.

Upon returning from the dump we had a quick snack and set off for a hike.
Here we are climbing the hill on the state land right across from our house.
Katherine running so fast down the hill that I almost missed her in the picture.
Check out her hair blowing back from her speed!
 What did we discover at the bottom of the hill.....
well before I tell you, I have to tell you a quick story.
So since the sun appeared a few weeks ago, the kids have been asking to get the swimming pool out.
I told them that once the temperature hits 70 we can talk about it.
So today when we got home from church, Katherine said "I wonder what the temp is Mom?"
Before I could answer, Matt said, "I think 70 or more."
"On no, don't say 70" I said.  But it was too late.  The kids were cheering and so excited.
Matt looked at me as Katherine proclaimed...We can get the pool out today!!
But Daddy convinced them that it is still too early for the pool.
They were bummed and asked many times the rest of the afternoon...but at the bottom of this giant hill Mother Nature had waiting several.....POOLS!
Oh let the fun begin!!!
 We started with some wading in the water looking for bugs and turtles.
Watch me is getting deeper!!

 Hands in!
Check out Wesley's face know he is going for something...
 Hmmmm...let's just see what happens when I stick my hands all the way my bottoms wet too!
 Bottoms in and loving life right now!
 Check out this view...what an amazing day!
Who needs plastic pools when you get all of this provided by nature?!?!
 Going in for the dive!  We are swimming now!
 Full on chase and water fight!!
 With the occasional pause to find bugs!
 I'm a mermaid!!
 Always a little bit slower and more cautious than his sister...Wesley is now taking the plunge.
 And loving it!  This is actually laughing not crying.
Pure screams of delight.
I just couldn't help but laugh and love every minute of these two!
 Seriously, the cutest little sweethearts!
 Mommy this is so much should try it too!!
No thanks, Wes...I'll just watch you!
 So serious and so content to just float!
 Ruby even got in on the action!!
 Soaking wet and full of joy....after about an hour and some, we went home and soaked in the warm tub. 
 That was so much fun!!
 Wait a minute...where is is time to go home??? 
No thanks Mom, I will just stay here all day.
It is warmer in here.
So much fun...but it was a long, cold walk home in sqwishy shoes and soaked clothes.
It was truly a blessed day.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Weekend in Kalispell!

We just got home from an amazing family weekend in Kalispell, MT.
We spent two nights in a hotel. The kids swam like fish. Katherine was all over the pool and by this morning, Wesley was swimming by himself too!
We ate great food, went shopping, and had a wonderful time being all together!

My little "fish" swimmer!
Wesley takes a little longer to warm up the idea.
But he was a swimming maching today!

With their new goggles on when we told them we were going on an adventure!
On Saturday night we found a family fun center.
It has bouncy houses and slides, video games, bumper cars, laser room (where you had to crawl around missing the laser beams), and climbing fort with balls....etc!
We had so much fun. I rode on the bumper car with Wesley, but he drove. At one point he had us spinning round and round so fast. I was screaming and he was laughing...pure joy!
It was a wonderful time to be together just the four of us with nothing else to time be together.
What an incredible blessing and weekend!

Happy Easter!

Thank you Grandma Sue and Grandpa Bob for the beautiful Easter outfits.
You can totally tell that the kids are really not in to this photo shoot.
But they are still adorable...."are we done, Mom?? Let's run!"
Sweet Katherine
SO pretty!
and sassy like Mommy!
My dear Wesley!
So handsome....
He wore his suit on Thursday for my birthday.
He was so proud of how handsome he looked!
The Easter story explained by Wesley:
"Jesus died on the cross to save us from our sins. A sin is like when I punch my sister."
We are so blessed with amazing children.
Thank you Jesus for loving us, guiding us, and molding us each and every day!

Ready to hunt for Easter Eggs!!

Captain America to save the day!
Katherine modeling her new bunny hair clips.
Wes in his new Captain America mask.
Ready to hunt eggs before church!