Tuesday, March 09, 2010

They're gonna love these pics when they are teenagers!

The kids were all playing in Katherine's room together when all of a sudden they appeared in these outfits! Too cute!
This will be a great poster for their 16th b-day!
Check out Katherine's pose. She is a dancer....100%

Wesley and Cody releasing their inner "princess". too cute!

Wesley's precious nukie! It's gonna be tough to get rid of it!

Stage one: chilling and watching his movie

Stage two: Mom removes the nuk and the rush to get it back begins!
Stage three: Complete and total meltdown

Stage four: Visual is made of nuk and calming begins.

Stage 5: Ahh...now where were we with this movie.
He's gonna be 15 with a nuk!!
just kidding...we are working on it

The stages of reaction when you mess with Wesley's nuk!

Growing up so fast!