Monday, January 24, 2011

A challenging day...Thank you Lord for being there!

So I know that I have not blogged for a really long time. Sorry to disappoint but there will not be any pictures with this one. Soon...I promise!
Today has introduced me to the joys and challenges of being a mother and how God gives us just what we need at the right time....yet still life can be so scary sometimes.
So what happened.....well first off it is good to know that I have come down with my first major cold of the year. Yes, it is safe to say that I have been pretty out of it this weekend...sick! I didn't even know what day it was on Sunday....sorry mom! Thought it was Saturday for most of the morning. Anyway so the plan for today was to take the kids to daycare and come home and sleep. Hoping to get over the cold and back to work Tues. So I pulled up to daycare. Looking pretty rough I may add. I unbuckled the kids like I always do and then got out to open their door and let them out. As I opened the back door and am saying "be careful it is really ic....." Wesley comes flying out of the car head first and lands on his face on the parking lot. The image makes me cry over and over. I couldn't even believe it. I swooped him up and said "Katherine follow me" We ran into the daycare. He was crying (thankfully not passed out) and blood from his nose. He scuffed his forehead some but landed pretty much on his nose. Thankfully we think the nuk saved his mouth some. I stayed till he was calm. Left every number I have. Got in my car. Drove around the block...crying and went back in to get him and Katherine. Went to the dr. Everything looks fine. No concussion but we are to watch him for the next four days. Then I spent the day snuggling with my two sweet angels. Now that is the best medicine a mommy ever needs! I am feeling much better! His little nose is swallow and all scraped up. I am amazed that he is not hurt more. I am amazed at how tough he is. When I clean it up and put medicine on it his little eyes water cuz it hurts so much. But he is so brave. He just says "It hurts so bad, Mommy." And toughs it out. Wesley is so amazing. Katherine is so amazing. Last week I just watched her go through eye surgery. Have both eyes cut and muscles adjusted. The next day she was ready for a dance party and jumping off the couch. And here I have been on the couch for two days with a head cold. Children are amazing. I am so blessed with two amazing children. They teach me and remind me of the simple things in life. Keep it simple! Live life to the fullest ! How in the world am I gonna make it through sports and the teen years! Lord I need you!!