Sunday, July 24, 2011

Our little cowgirl

Our little cowgirl....she picked out her outfit all by herself.

Since Katherine was very little she has been wishing to ride the horses at our neighbors. This week we were able to hook up and go over for Katherine to have her first chance at riding. You would have thought she had been riding her whole life. She was so confident and calm. After Kelly and Sierra explained to her what to do she walked "Jack" all around the round pen. She loved it. Then Sierra got up with her and brought the horse to a trot. She even let Katherine ride him all the way back home. Katherine is hooked. Every morning she asks to go back over to ride again....Kelly said she did a great job and was very relaxed in the saddle. Shhh...but we have decided to give Katherine horse riding lessons for her birthday.

Northern Minnesota With Grandma Sue and Grandpa Bob...Auntie Heather too!

We started off our Minnesota adventure by traveling to Northern Mn with The Summer side of the family. Big Thank yous to Kara and Jay for letting us use your cabin. We had so much fun!

While we were there the kids both caught their first fish, drove the pontoon, went for a ride in the canoe, saw a loon with babies, cooked over a campfire, went swimming, rode in Grandpa's boat, got way to many mosiquito bites...and witnessed Grandma caught a "monster" fish (however the pole was not strong enough and broke causing her to loose the fish). It was an incredible time with family. We were able to spend some quality time with Auntie Heather's new fiance, Nate and raze him alittle. We are so excited for the two of you. Lots of laughs, lots of fish...too many that got away...don't forget the net!, cards.....and great time with family! Here are some pictures of our northern MN adventure!Mommy and Daddy taking Wesley out in the canoe.

Grandma's bass!

Grandma's northern...after we lost the BIG ONE.

Wesley loved being out on the boat.

Wesley and Daddy in the canoe....little light in the front.

Driving the pontoon.

Fishing at sunset.

Katherine at the wheel!

Crazy girls!

Grandpa's Northern. Wesley was not too sure about this one.

Captain Bob...with shorts and flip flops.

First time since 1994.

Thumbs up, Dude.

Making a sand castle with Nate.

Grandpa looking for the big fish.

Auntie Heather and Future Uncle Nate.

We had so much fun hanging out with you guys!

Heather caught a little sunny with the princess pole.

Wesley's first fish!

Katherine's first fish!

Not really sure about the whole thing.


Checking out the water

The Girls Team

Wesley checking out the lake and throwing rocks


The Cabin

Getting warmed up

So Grandma and Grandpa got the kids competing with who was going to catch the bigger fish...boys...or girls....Wesley marched around saying "Boys catch the big fish, girls don't." But after the weekend was done....I have to crown the champion of the Biggest/Most Fish goes to the.......GIRLS! Sorry boys.

Before we left Wesley decided he wanted to "camp out" on the living room floor with Grandpa. Aren't they so cute!

Minnesota Fun with the Summer Side of the Family

Looking pretty as a princess with her special dress from Grandma and hair done by Auntie Heather. True Birthday Girl.

The Birthday Princess....all dolled up!

Auntie Heather and Nate.

Congratulations on your engagement!

"Mommy, I caught a kitty!!"

This was the first time Wesley finally was brave enough to hold the kitty. That kitty had a pretty exciting time hanging out with Wesley.

Grandpa Bob snuggling with Lilly. For the last two years we have lucked out that Lilly has been staying with Grandma Mary when we are home. Lilly is Mommy's god daughter and cousin. Hopefully one of these summers we will see the whole family! love you!

Grandma Mary and Granny waiting the pinata fun!

Wesley swinging with all his might!

Katherine trying to break the "unbreakable" pinata. Finally after many swings from all...Mommy was able to tear open the pinata with her hands. We still had a great time trying to break it open and then collecting all of the treasures!!

Opening presents with Grandma Sue

Celebrating my birthday at Grandpa Bob and Grandma Sue's.

Check out my cool pink hair from Auntie Heather!

More Fun with Grandpa Scott!

The future employee of the Schreiner Diner!

Meeting Cousin Ben for the first time!

Tummy Time!

Daddy could make Ben laugh so hard.

Riding the mopad (sp?) in the Grandpa Bob's I got to ride on Grandpa's Harley...but we didn't get a picture.

A true MN Viking.

Hockey here I come!

Hockey Golf with Grandpa Scott

Grandpa is ready for action!

Little Big Fat Jam Man