Saturday, October 20, 2012

My dear sweet superhero son....

It seems like just yesterday I sat awaiting your arrival....
then in a flash you were here and life would never be the same.
 My sweet baby calm and so sweet.
Even in the very beginning you were so patient and dear.
 Your very first costume.
 One month old.
 1st Birthday
 Hanging with your sissy.....I love to watch and listen to the two of you together.
You are so sweet with one another.....most of the time.
 2nd Birthday...look at those curls.
 3rd birthday
I love this picture as it shows how full of life my sweet Wesley is.
As you may imagine...superheros are a big deal in our house. 
But there is also plenty of time for playing house, school, and dressing up for dance parties.
Wesley and Katherine love to spend time together.
One Sunday Katherine went up to her Sunday School teacher and proclaimed....
"You know there are only three REAL superheros....
God, Jesus, and my little brother Wesley."
Wesley is growing up so fast.  As anyone who sees him regularly would know he is so big and continues to grow taller all the time.  Look out Uncle Jon...he is working on catching up to you.
He loves to play with his super heros and swords, but also is the first to snuggle up with you to read a book or watch a movie.
He is so sweet and tender with a fierce passion.
We are so blessed to watch you grow and love to hear all of your thoughts and ideas.
Wesley loves to sing and rhyme right now.
We are so blessed with Wesley and Katherine.
The blessings God has shown and continues to show each and every day are more than words.
We are so thankful.
Happy Birthday Sweet Wesley Matthew!
We love you so much!

Happy 4th Birthday Wesley!

 I can't believe it...but my baby boy turned 4!
He had a superhero party at the bowling alley this year.
 So fierce!
 Here is the sword and shield Daddy made him for his birthday.
 Katherine's halloween costume came with Wesley's Thor outfit.
 Strike a pose!

 Superhero fun!
 Everyone had a great time bowling and celebrating.
It was a wonderful time!
 Uncle Joel and Cousin Evangeline
 Mommy's superhero cake...Wesley was so was I (that it turned out)!

 Katherine gave him the helmet for his his outfit is complete!

Strong like Thor!  Sweet as a button!

Katherine's 3rd Horse Show

The last weekend in September, Katherine rode alone for the first time in a horse show.
She was in the walk/trot class for 9 and under.
In the first class she placed 3rd and 2nd in her next class.
She did an amazing job.
It is pretty incredible to watch your little peanut out there riding on her own.
She blows me away everyday.  I am so blessed to be a mommy.
We are so thankful to Sierra for her teaching and mentoring to Katherine.
And to the Spanglers for taking such good care of our girl and letting her ride.
What would we do without you.
Thank you!

Amazing girl...with her incredible teacher!

First day of 1st grade and other fun!

 Katherine is now in First Grade and doing great.
She is getting so good at reading and loves math!
 We still love to dress crazy and have dance parties!
 What remains of my flower garden....
 after dogs digging and children "picking".

The girls...Ruby and Opal.
What are you up to now??!!??

Trip to Arkansas for Cousin Sarah's wedding

 Labor Day weekend, the kids and I set forth on a whirlwind trip to Arkansas for Sarah's wedding.
It was a blast!
We met the rest of the Schreiner family in Kansas City, where they picked us up at the airport.
2 cars filled with 5 adults and 5 children (all under the age of 6) set out for a 4 hour drive to the wedding.
It was an amazing adventure and beautiful wedding.
We are so thankful that we were able to be there and spend so time with our aunties and uncles and cousins.
Here are some fun pics of the wedding day:
 Handsome Wesley
 Beautiful girls...Katherine and Eden
 Hmm..wonder what Wes is thinking here???
 Jenny, Eden, Wes, and Owen peeking in the back.
 Sweet Ben reading with Uncle Pat and Auntie Anne

 Beautiful Bride
 Cousin Lilly trying to control the masses.
 We love our sweet cousins...miss you all so much!!
Dancin with Grandpa Scott!
We love Grandpa Scott!!
 Katherine and Lilly haven't seen each other since they were very little.
At first they were a little shy, but then had a blast together!
Wish we could see them more often, but Memphis and Bonners Ferry are so far apart!
I love these pictures~

Great times...wonderful weekend...
Congratulations Sarah and Donald....
May you live happily ever after!!