Thursday, May 28, 2009

Peek a Boo Wesley

We have goats!

On Tuesday of this week, Matt surprised us with two new goats. The kids love them and they love the kids. Ruby loves to CHASE THEM!! And they love to RUN FROM HER. Always a new adventure!

Getting so Big!

Ready for a walk with our shades on!
Wesley and Mommy playing outside.

SOOO BIG! Almost 8 months old already!

Wesley loves riding in the stroller with Katherine.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Dancing Queen

The cutest video EVER!

Wesley loves his Katherine! And Katherine loves Wesley...she really loves to entertain him too. She is a great big sister! Very patient and great with him.


Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Katherine's Speech

Katherine was practicing her speech for the wedding with Daddy. This was her second attempt. Pretty cute!

Jon and Jenny's Wedding

Our adventure to Kansas City in three days! This is actually on our way home. We were delayed in Denver for three hours. So Katherine and Matt were taking pictures of themselves while Wesley and I played on the floor.

4 generations of Schreiner men
Wesley, Matt, Great Grandpa Wes, and Grandpa Scott

The Schreiner's

Wait for me, Jenny!
Katherine is completely in love with Jenny. Since we have been home from the wedding, she has been pretending she is Jenny. When I ask her something she says "no mama, I'm Jenny not Katherine. Wait a minute, Jon is calling me. "

Spinning w/Uncle Jon. Katherine loved every minute of being the flower girl. She just adores her Uncle Jon and Auntie Jenny.

Our beautiful Angel.
When we were driving to town yesterday I said "Katherine, you are my princess." And she said, "No mommy, I am not a princess....I am an angel."

Katherine and Brandon....ready to walk down the aisle.

Katherine was so excited to be with Jon and Jenny. It was an amazing day. We are so excited to have Jenny in the family!

Guy talk!

Oma and Katie cuddling.

This could only mean trouble! Wesley and Grandpa Wes hanging out.

Presents...Katie's favorite thing.

Wesley and Grandpa Scott

Katherine loves her Auntie Annie!
She had so much fun playing with her.
Now we are gearing up for Anne and Pat's big day.

Having fun with Grandpa Scott during the rehearsal.

Oma and Wesley cuddling during the rehearsal.