Monday, July 29, 2013

Happy Birthday Katherine!! 7 years old!!

Seven years ago on July 28th, Matt and I became parents and our lives were truly blessed.
I still remember the day like it happened yesterday and then look over and see this beautiful little girl snuggled up next to me. 
Katherine Susan, you are an amazing little girl!
Daddy and I are so proud of who you are!
We love you sooo very much!
God Bless You Always!!
Because Matt is currently working over in Montana and couldn't come home on Sunday for KT's party, we had two parties.
On Wednesday, we went to the pool with Daddy, Grandma, Heather, and Wes.
Then to dinner at Mario's Mexican Restaurant.
We completed the night with a few early presents and ice cream cake!
Great times with Daddy....we miss him soooo much! 

 Milkshake mustache

 My little princess snuggles!
 Wesley "The Party Planner" Schreiner

 Fun overnight with one of Katherine's dear friends, Jodee.
Flamingo Birthday at the Beach!
 The amazing cake made by Grandma Sue!
She is incredible!

 The Beach Party!

 My little fish!!

 Floating on Auntie Heather!!

 Building castles!!

 Diving and Exploring!
Look at her go!!

 Chatting with Susie!!

 Wesley, Celynn, Katherine, and Ava

 Love this picture!!! Snorkel shot!!
 Even Wes is starting to go under the water!!
 Julia and Evangeline

 Celynn and her handmade hot tub
 Chilling at the beach
 just keep swimming, swimming, swimming
 Gonna miss this view!
 So much fun!!

 Layla and Celynn buried in the sand
 Opening presents

 The crew


It was a wonderful day at the beach!
So relaxing and lots of fun!
The kids swam and played for hours.
Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!
Katherine Susan Schreiner,
We love you!!