Saturday, August 13, 2011

Riding lessons and Camping out

Katherine has been going to her riding lessons every week. She loves to ride. Sierra is doing a great job teaching her all she needs to know. We are so blessed to have the Spanglers close by. It is incredible to me to watch her.

Camping Trial #1-We set up the tent in the yard and had a camp out. The kids loved it! Mommy discovered that we need more camp mats. The kids got the mats and sleeping bags while Mommy slept on the ground with the comforter. Let's just say these bones are not as young as they used to be. Ha Ha

Happy Birthday Katherine!! 5 Years Old!

It is hard to believe it, but little Miss Katherine Susan is 5 years old.

She had a wonderful party with all of her friends.

Thank you for coming to my party and for the presents. ~Katherine

Opening presents....big smile!

Wesley is still trying to figure out when it will finally be his birthday!

Princess ring from Mommy and Daddy.

Drop the clothespin in the jar!

The kids loved it.

Waterballon Toss

This lastest out 3 minutes and then everyone just started throwing balloons at each other.

Thank you Oma.

Cody getting ready to launch his water balloon.

The Barbie Castle Cake

I got so into decorating the house and making this cake that I stayed up all night. Before I knew it the clock said, 5am. I had so much fun transforming the house into birthday fun. Just alittle tired the next day,but it was worth it. Love you pumpkin seed!!

This is the cake making kit that Jon and Jenny gave me for my birthday. I had so much fun making the cake and frosting it.
It tasted a little weird though!
Thank you Jon and Jenny!