Monday, October 29, 2007

Hanging out with Cody

Who are those masked cuties?

Mommy & Daddy went on a date to the movie this weekend and I got to hang out with Cody (Auntie Susie & Uncle Joel too).

We had so much fun playing together.

Here we are getting ready to save the world in our superhero outfits.

Cody even let me try on his spiderman mask.

He is so nice.

Carving a pumpkin

What's in here anyway?Whoa Daddy check this out!
Hi Mr Jack O Lantern. You're cute!
We did it Mommy!
Mommy and I carved a pumpkin this weekend. I loved digging out all of the guts. I also like putting then back in too! Mommy thought that was pretty funny.
We had lots of fun. It is so beautiful when it is all lit up. But no is HOT!
Don't worry it is not lit in these pictures!!

15 months

Yummy pasta! I love to EAT! Do you think I could fit my whole hand in my mouth??
This is my new green chair. I like to carry it all over the house.
Shh baby...don't cry. I will kiss it better.
I love my baby dolls. I carry them all over the house and rock them to sleep. After mommy changes my diaper I have to change theirs. They are very good babies.

Playing with my fridge barn toy. I like to dance to the songs.
Hello...who is it?

So I am 15 months now. I run all over the place and am quite the dancer. I am talking alot now too. I can say "Ruby, apple, apple juice, thank you, hello, Mommy and Daddy, Grandpa, Susie, Cody". I also like to sing songs. I have my own special song that only I know the words too. I like to sing it to Mommy and Daddy at night.
I also love the "Wheels on the Bus", "Old MacDonald", "Twinkle Twinkle", and anything by Garth Brooks. I love to dance to the dance team music too. I show the girls all my moves.

Grandma Sue, Auntie Heather & Great Grandma Mary (GG) came for a visit!

Oct 17th Mommy and I drove to the airport and picked up Grandma, Heather and GG.

We had so much fun with them here.

We played outside in the sandbox. (Like my vikings snowsuit from Oma!)
Grandma and Auntie Heather cut up firewood.
Auntie Heather made Mommy, Susie and even CODY look beautiful!
She is good at what she does. Maybe someday I will have enough hair for her to give me a style.

Here Grandma Mary and Heather are having cheers.

We went over to Joel & Susies one night and Auntie Susie gave us a ride on Cody's bike.

Then Cody got Grandma Mary to give him a ride too!

Here we are hiking at Kootenai Falls. The water has gone done alot since the last time we were here in August.
Nice pose Auntie Heather!!

Driving w/Grandma.
What cha doing Auntie Heather? Thanks for the pretty picture you made me!
Grandma Mary and Heather made cookies! YUMMY!

I learned what a cookie was while GG and Grandma were here.

We had so much fun! Thanks for coming to visit!

I love to be OUTSIDE!

Here I am driving my car. I love to ride all over the yard with mommy pushing me. I just can't reach the ground yet to drive myself. Sometimes I like to push the car around and collect mud and rocks. It is so much fun! is so much fun to be outside!
These pictures were actually taken the end of Sept. but mommy and I have been so busy this is the first chance we are getting to blog.

Driving the tractor with Daddy.
We were busy collecting firewood to keep us warm this winter.

Steady Daddy.

I just love to play outside. At daycare I would be out all day if they would let me.