Sunday, May 27, 2012

Seven incredible years!!

In the year 2000 our amazing journey began.....
I met an amazing guy with wild and crazy hair!
 5 years later....he finally proposed...
 7 months later on May 28th, 2005... we said, "I Do"

 On July 28th, 2006 we welcomed Miss Katherine Susan into our lives.
 And then on October 3rd, 2008, Mr. Wesley Matthew joined our dear family.

What an incredible journey of blessings and trials, ups and downs...through it all we have learned with the Lord on our side there is nothing to difficult to endure.
 "To find someone who will love you for no reason, and to shower that person with reasons, that is the ultimate happiness."
 I love you today, tomorrow, and forever!
 "Other things may change us, but we start and end with family."
Happy Anniversary Matt!
We are truly blessed!
Love you!

Let's make "firecrackers"!

 For fun this weekend, the kids and I bought the fixins to make smores.
As we were checking out at the store, Wesley says to the clerk "We get to make firecrackers tonight!"
"You make a big fire and then you cook your marshmellow and have a firecracker!"
Then when Matt got home, Wes went running to the door and said, "Daddy we are cooking firecrackers tonight....come on let's go make a fire!"
So now in our house...smores are referred to as Firecrackers!
Check out our fun adventure.....
 Both of the kids are watching so carefully as Daddy puts the marshmellows on.
 Time to roast.  I have to say Katherine won the Golden Marshmellow award.  She cooked her marshmellows perfect!
 My sweet Hubby enjoying his Firecracker!

 Mmmm...pure greatness!
 Wesley enjoying his yummy firecracker.

"Dad...what do we do at the fire now?"

Update on the Schreiner Farm....

 Here are the chicks about 3 weeks ago when their wing feathers started coming in....

 Eddie and Betty are growing bigger everyday.
The kids love feeding them...but Mommy gets cage cleaning duty.
We set up the old fenced kennel today so the kids could go in there and play with the bunnies....without Ruby.
Eddie and Betty really loved hopping around in the grass.

 Katherine likes to cart them around like babies.
 Here is a pic of the chicks now...they are not chicks anymore...we have ourselves some chickens ready to move outside!!
Mommy is ready too as the house smells like a farm!!