Wednesday, July 30, 2014

We were able to sneak in some fun with all of our work...and the fair too!

 Quick swim at the pool.
 Baseball fun!

 She is by far the most fashionable Girl Scout I have ever seen!!
Ready to march in the fair parade!

 Ready to catch candy!

 Whoa...that is some crazy make-up Heather!!
Time for a refresher course!!  Ha Ha

 Pedal Pull!!

 Grandma Sue's first time on the Bumper Cars!!
Pretty fun!!

 Do you think she loved it or what??!!

 Fishing fun!!

 Guess we know where Katherine will be riding motorcycle!!  

 How about a little cotton candy????
How about a lot of STICKY!!

 Great fun at the fair!

Great Birthday Day for our little Princess!

We had a wonderful day as a family celebrating Katherine's birthday!
The morning started with a surprise trip to Caribou for her favorite Cookies and Cream cooler!

 Time to open presents!!
Pickles from Wesley!!
Just what she wished for!!

 Here is her dollars dance!!
Excited to save some and shop with some!

 Lunch at DQ...complete with a blizzard!

 Glow in the dark Mimi golf was next on the wish list!!

 Then off to the park and beach to play!

 The day was made complete with a spaghetti dinner and ice cream sundae!
Then off the snuggle and watch her new Barbie movie!

It truly was a Great day!!!

Bye Bye Bushes

It never ceases to amaze me the things that are accomplished 
when my parents come for Katherine's birthday. 
Since we decided to not travel to the Ozarks for Christmas in July, my parents & sis decided to come up and help finish up house projects before I start my new job at the school.
We were able to get all the caulking done, a window taken out, siding and drywall up, and three sides of the house painted.
And right before they left on Sunday morning.....we decided to pull all the bushes out of the front of the house.  Heather was so excited to be part of this project.
It is so great to have them gone.
As for my new job......I am the new High School Secretary(Admin Assistant) for Warroad.
I am so excited for this new adventure!
This last year has been an amazing blessing to be home with my family.
Now I will be in the same building and on the same schedule as the kids.
I have started here and there getting things ready and prepared.
On Monday I will be officially full-time!
Thank you so much, Mom,Dad,and Heather!
Glad we were able to get so much done while you were here!
Finally it stopped raining!

My little ninja!