Saturday, June 30, 2012

Grandpa Scott comes to visit!!!

Grandpa Scott came to visit us for all of last week.
It was a blink how fast it went.  We had so much fun with him.
Each day was an adventure...golfing, playing outside on the swing set, going shopping, going out to eat, bowling (that is a fun story for Mommy *smiles*)......and the list goes on and on.  We all wore each other out and loved every minute!!
Today at the airport after we gave Grandpa hugs...Wesley turned to Mommy and said, "Mommy, I wish Grandpa never had to leave."  It was very sweet.
The hardest part of living in Idaho is without a doubt being so far from our family.
Thank you for an amazing week, Grandpa Scott!
We love you sooooo much!!!!
 Grandpa and Katherine ready to hit the golf course.  Grandpa even taught Katherine how to drive the cart all by herself.
 Fun times with our sweet Grandpa.  (Wes was having a hard time finding his smile today.)
 Below.....Daddy and Wes ready to golf a round.
 The official score keeper!
 We start T ball this week.  So Grandpa worked with us this week so we would be ready.  Mini training camp.  Both of the kids are ready to knock it out of the park.  Wes likes to skip some bases, but he and Grandpa had a good pep talk on how the game works!!

 Here the kids are teaching Grandpa how to play Angry Birds.
What a wonderful week!
Thank you again for coming to visit!!
We had so much fun!
Love you!!

Announcing another addition to the Schreiner family.....

Opal Schreiner
adopted at 6 weeks old
She is part boarder collie and blue heeler, and part golden retriever.

So far she has been a gem!
 Katherine is a wonderful "mommy" and works so hard taking care of Opal.
She even scoops all the poopie with no complaints.
 Ruby checking our her baby sis.
Wes plays with her some...but he is a bit rough right now.
So now the Schreiner farm count is as follows:
1 dog
1 puppy
2 bunnies
5 chickens
and a whole lotta fun!!!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Cowboy babies!!

 Matt and I may not be from the west, but I am learning everyday that our kids are!
Check out my little cowboy and cowgirl.  I can't keep these two off horses and they live in their boots.  This weekend Wesley found his perfect cowboy hat.  When he put it on he strutted around the store.  The saleswomen were loving it.  He is a true cowboy. 
Well....and you all know Katherine was a born cowgirl.  I am fairly certain she would move in at Kelly's just to be close to Sierra and Jack.
 We love Idaho!!
This weekend we took the kids to the Bulls and Barrels.  Wes has decided he doesn't want to ride the bulls.  Just horses.  Thank you!!

Katherine Graduates from Kindergarten!

 Last Wednesday was a very proud moment as we watched Katherine graduate from Kindergarten!
Above she is with her teacher, Mrs. M.  Katherine really loves Mrs.M and enjoyed helping her throughout the year.  Mrs. M did an amazing job teaching the kids.
It is incredible to see all of the things Katherine has learned this year.
She is reading and writing.  She can complete math problems and problem solve.
Katherine loves school and wants to be a teacher someday.
 Here she with her friend, Annabeth.
 I took the last day of school off from work.  Wesley and I went to school with Katherine.  He was in heaven being at school with his big sister.  They had so much fun playing with the parachute together!

 For the field day the local fire department set up an obsticale course for the kids.  Katherine was too busy running with her friends, but Wes was all about it!
Here he is spraying the hose into the target.  He also sprayed Firefighter Tony.
 Now he is focused on the target.
 And off to rescue the person (dummy).  He pulled it all the way with one hand.  He looked so macho..then he said..."Mom, that was hard work!"
 Off to spray the ball with the hose. Many of Katherine's classmates loved hanging out and "coaching" Wes.  He had a great time.  At the end of the day, Mrs. M said, "If you are riding the bus line up at the door."  I was helping her in take things down.  When she came back she was walking with Wesley.  Apparently he lined up and headed for the buses.  She saw him and said, "Wes, what are you doing?"  He said, "I want to ride the bus."  She brought him back and he said,"Mom, I wanna ride the bus home."  He is ready for school!!
So proud of all Katherine has accomplished this year.  It is amazing to watch your baby girl grow into an amazin little girl.  We are blessed with two amazing children.