Friday, March 22, 2013

Wesley's big boy haircut

 After much resistance from Mommy, Wesley finally got his big boy haircut.
He has been asking me for a mohawk for so long...we settled on a fauxhawk (sp?)
He looks so cute!  And so GROWNUP!!
Feeling pretty handsome!

Katherine lost her first tooth!!

On President's Day, Katherine lost her first tooth.  It had been so loose for SO LONG.
We were getting ready to go out for dinner with our friends, Jessie and Eric.  The kids were in the bathtub and Wesley reached out and accidently popped Katherine in the mouth.  This turned her loose tooth sideways and it started bleeding a bit.  She got pretty freaked out.  Then I explained when it came out it would bleed alittle bit.  Her eyes about popped out of her head.  She wouldn't let anyone touch her mouth.
So we go to dinner and she is convinced she cannot eat anything.
While we are there, Jessie is talking with her about pulling it out and how they should just go to the bathroom and pull it out.  She is like NO WAY.
So then she asks to go potty and leaves to the bathroom.  We are all sitting at the table visiting when here she comes around the corner.  My back was to her and Jessie says to me, "Check this out."
I turn around and Katherine's eyes are so wide they are almost popping out of her head. 
In her hand is her tooth and her mouth is all bloody. 
We were all so excited.  I said, "Are you alittle nervous?" And she shook her head.  So we went back to the bathroom and cleaned her up.
She said, "I just decided I was going to do it." 
It was so sweet.
The tooth fairy came that night and left her with a gold coin worth $1.00.
She was so excited.
Two more loose teeth now......I have a feeling the tooth fairy is going to be back soon!
Oh my baby girl....I remember when that tooth first came in!!
Katherine when she got her first two teeth (the first one she lost also) in March 2007.

Jan and Feb Fun!

 Katherine and the sock puppet she made in her "special class" (elective class on Weds) at school.
This past nine weeks the class she was enrolled in was "Anything can happen"! 
She was always so excited to find out what they would learn each week.
I love Naples Elem!
 Snuggling and watching a movie!
They are the best of friends (most of the time).
It was so cute how they snuggled with each other during this movie.
 Wesley and his gorilla buddies.
When we went in for Wesley's 4 yr old well child check.  We found out he was due for four immunizations.  I had warned him before hand...and he was ready.
The nurse started to whisper to me and he spoke up, "I'm getting shots today and I am ready!"
He was so brave and didn;t even cry.  He watched her poke him all four times and just said, "Ouch, that hurts."  I couldn't even watch. 
He is so tough.
His gorilla with the tie was his special friend to snuggle during the shots.  And the other is from Grandpa Scott at Disney.  Now they are best friends!
 My Groundhog Day creations for Katherine's class for snack.
They actually turned out.
It was so much fun making them!

New Job for Mommy = lots of fun home in December!

For those you who have not late October, I received a call from my dear friend Karen, regarding a position open out at the clinic for the Kootenai Tribe (my first job when I moved here to Bonners Ferry).  It was a part-time position so I applied and returned to the Kootenai Tribal Health Clinic in mid-November. 
One of the many blessings of this job is three weeks off in December.
The kids and I had a blast home together.
We went sleddin almost everyday......we created yummy cupcakes in Katherine's new Easy Bake Oven.....Wesley created some of the most amazing towers and kingdoms with his blocks.
One day Katherine and I were playing BattleShip on the couch and he was building.  About an hour and half in to this he says, "Mom, thank you so much for now extracting me when I am doing such hard work." He is so cute! 

 This is the new remote control truck from Auntie Anne and Uncle Pat and Cousin Ben.  Wes likes to hook all his superheros on it and drive them around.

 Inspired by Home Alone. 
We watched all of them over Christmas Break.

Merry Christmas

 Merry Christmas!
Oh my goodness.....can you believe all of these presents!!

 New bathrobe from Oma. So snuggly.

 After waiting ALL day for Daddy to get home from work...Wesley FINALLY gets to pass out the presents!  They are the most patient kids on the planet.  Even Auntie Heather said she would have had a hard time waiting.  They did great!
 Dark Knight!
 Camping out Christmas night with our new sleeping bags from Grandma and Grandpa.
 Katherine and her new pony Butterscotch.

Owl Hat that Grandma Sue made.
We are so blessed my our amazing family.  Thank you so much for the wonderful gifts you continue to shower us with!  We love you and wish we could have been closer to celebrate Christmas with everyone. 
Miss you all so much!
So much many blessings!
Thank you Jesus!!

Meeting with Santa

Santa stopped by the day after Thanksgiving in Bonners Ferry.  Despite the down pouring rain the kids waited in line to chat and share their Christmas wishes.
They were so excited to see him and get their first candy cane of the season!

November 2012

Happy Birthday Daddy!!
The kids have so much fun getting ready for birthdays!
They both painted Matt projects and helped decorate the cake!
We love you so much, Daddy!

Happy Thanksgiving!
This is the first year since I can't evfen remember when that we haven't had company for Thanksgiving.  Matt had to work the day shift so it was the kids and I hanging out at home.
So I decided we should all cook dinner together.  It was messier than usual....but so much fun!
We missed having family to join us, but also enjoyed having a dinner with just the four of us.
We are so blessed with all we have....especially with all that is going on in the world.  It truly is a time to be grateful!


October 2012

After our wild adventure at Disney, we returned home to a visit from Grandma Sue!
It was so much fun to hang out with her. Despite the weather, we were able to be outside a little bit and have a great leaf fight!
Love you Grandma Sue!
Missed you Grandpa Bob!

Halloween 2012

We love craving pumpkins!!!!!