Saturday, September 30, 2006


Check out my new chair! I just love to it. Thank you Auntie Susie for letting me borrow it!

8 weeks/ 2 months old!

Yes it is true I am now 2 months old! Mommy keeps saying I am getting so big. I am going to the doctor this week for my checkup. I can hold my head up pretty good now and love to look around everywhere. Daddy and I practice standing up everyday. I am getting so strong.

Grandpa Scott comes to visit!

Grandpa Scott came to visit us this last week. It was so great to meet him and spend time together. Mommy and Daddy had so much fun showing him around north Idaho. Check out my new shirt from grandpa! It says "My fingers maybe small but I can still wrap Grandpa around them." Thanks for everything grandpa! It was so fun to have you here.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

clinic day!!

today was clinic day at mommy's work so we got all dressed up fancy! i even wore shoes that were mommy's when she was a baby! auntie heather got me this pretty dress! am i cute or what!!??

Too Cute!

Okay so I wasn't too excited about Mommy posting this one as I am drooling all over. Wait till I get one of her with the drool rolling (Daddy told me I get that from her...hee hee) . But she says I am so cute!! Okay then!

7 weeks!

7 weeks old & doing great! I love checking out this place and am even starting to voice my opinion on things! Daddy says I'm a drama queen like Mommy......then Mommy shoots him the eye! Life is good .....hope yours is too!

future biker babe!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

6 weeks old and already a working girl!

That's right I'm 6 weeks old now!
This week mommy went back to work & I get to come with.
It's lots of fun & I get to cuddle w/ lots of new friends.
Guess what grandpa bob.....I like to spit up on mommy's friend/co-worker Gina as much as you!
Friday I went to my first badger football game to coach mommy's dance team. Mommy said the girls did great!! (i slept the whole time.)

the napping house.....shhhh

i love to take naps w/ mommy and daddy!

Sunday, September 03, 2006

5 weeks old

5 wks! Check out my Von Dutch onesie and nikes..daddy picked out this outfit! Look good huh?? Thanks Auntie Heather for all the cute clothes! Oma bought me these nikes. All is going great. We were at a baby store with a scale this weekend and I weighed 9lbs 12ozs w/my onesie on. So as you can see I am growing and doing great. Hope you are all doing well. XOXO

Hanging w/Cody!

Here I am in my new harley davidson sweatsuit! (Thank you Grandpa Bob for all the cute harley clothes)! Cuz Cody came over to hang out w/me the other day! He still wants to wrestle w/ me. He better look out when I get bigger!

Grandpa Bob & Auntie Heather came to visit!

This last week I got to meet my Grandpa Bob and Auntie Heather. We had lots of fun hanging out together. I especially enjoyed spitting up on Grandpa everytime he held me... :) Good thing he packed extra shirts. Mommy and Daddy had lots of fun hanging out with them. Thanks so much for coming and visiting! Thank you Grandpa for spoiling us SOOO MUCH! And Auntie Heather....Mommy told me to tell you Thank you for making her hair so beautiful and for doing all those dishes!! We miss you guys already! Love you!