Tuesday, December 08, 2009

More Tree pictures

Wes is looking in these pics.

Christmas Tree Fun

Matt was home for the weekend so he and Katherine went out and found us the perfect tree. After some rearranging and trimming we have our beautiful tree. It should be interesting keeping Wesley out of it. Katherine loved putting the ornaments on and Wesley wanted to help. We were putting out the nativity last night and I showed him baby Jesus and said "this is Jesus." He said "esus,esus" It was so sweet.
Can't believe it is almost time for Christmas. Will be a bummer to not be in Minnesota with family, but I am so thankful that Matt will be home with us this year. He gets back from his training next week.

Time for shopping

Wesley is off and running. Well when he wants to anyway. He still prefers to crawl. Although the other night he was going crazy with the grocery cart. It is not very sturdy so we were a bit nervous he was going to smack his head on the floor. Looks like we have another shopper in the family.

Thanksgiving brings Minnesota visitors!!

What an amazing and whirlwind Thanksgiving we had. Mom and Dad and Grandma Mary came out to visit. I don't think we stopped moving for over an hour the whole time they were there. It was wonderful!! It had been so long since we had seen some MN family. Thank you so much for coming out. My computer does not let me see the pics to write underneath them so I will just give an overview.
Wesley just loves his Grandpa Bob. They are buddies for sure. He gives Grandma Sue a bit of a hard time but her and Katherine are usually hiding somewhere playing for hours anyway so it all works out. He also had lots of fun playing with Grandma Mary. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner with Joel and Susie and Cody. Mom and Dad brought me this wonderful wedding dress. As everyone who knows me knows...I was supposed to be a real life princess wearing the big dresses so now I can release my inner princess whenever time calls for it. I am trying to figure out a way to wear it to school. But I did do some cooking in it right when Matt got home from work. He didn't get as excited about it as I did. Thanks Mom and Dad! LOVE IT!!
It was so amazing to have family over the holidays. As much as we love Idaho, I really miss having family and friends close. Hope you all had an amazing Thanksgiving.

Monday, November 02, 2009

Happy Halloween

We had a great Halloween adventure this year!! Dorothy, a chicken, baby doll and Grandpa Bob-Harley Dealer headed out with jellyfish, raggady andy, and the wild animal for a fun night of trick or treating.
We started out the day painting and coloring pumpkins since all of the ones at BTC were frozen and had to be thrown away. SO we painted and decorated instead. Then Cody and Susie came over and we made some sugar cookies which turned into a frosting party. Katherine got makeup for her Halloween treat and as you can see she got pretty creative with her designs. The kids got glow sticks from one of Matt's co-workers and had a blast with them all the way home in the dark car. I truly believe that it was the highlight of Wesley's night. Katherine and Cody had so much fun marching up to the houses and tick or treating. Overall it was a great day!!