Monday, April 25, 2011

Introducing Eddie "Rabbit" Schreiner

The newest member of the family....Eddie.

Eddie is 6 weeks old.
He is a bit curious and could be a little trouble maker!
Tonight when the kids and I got home, Eddie had jumped out of the pack and play roaming the house.
We need a cage!
He is our new adventure. Hopefully Ruby will adjust.

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!
We have so much to be thankful for!

Princess Katherine twirling through the yard!

No he doesn't have to go to the bathroom!

Just on the go!

Hunting eggs! This was so much fun this year.

Katherine and Wesley had a blast trying to find the eggs!

Wesley is telling the Easter bunny about his Spiderman tennis shoes!

The kids and their eggs after the big hunt at the fairgrounds.

Wes and his basket. Just got done with the mad race to find eggs!

So you have to know the history of Katherine and the Easter Bunny of Bonners Ferry to enjoy this story. Two years ago I was downtown with the kids when the Easter bunny walked into the store we were in. Katherine flipped out totally terrified. I had Wesley..who was a little baby at the time and could not pick her up. She jumped into the arms of one of the workers and would not let the woman put her down. The bunny left but Katherine was a mess. She was crying and so scared. She would not leave the store. The woman had to actually carry her all the way to our car. She could not stop talking about the bunny. The next year (last year) egg hunt the bunny was there and again Katherine was terrified. This time crying, laughing, waving and hiding all at the same time. So now we come to this year....right as it is about to be time for the egg hunt to start...this lovely bunny walks right out directly in front of where we are to go to hunt eggs. Katherine ( as you can see from the pic below is studying the situation) begins to get a little uneasy about the whole thing. So I took her hand and said "Okay, you can do this....we are gonna hold hands and run right by him. Just focus on the eggs and don't even look at him. I will stay right by you. She looked at me and said "Okay, Mommy." So we held hands and the man yelled, "Go!" We took off running and grapped a few eggs in the beginning. Then sailed by the bunny and we off to hunt eggs. Katherine yelled, "Mommy, I did it and I didnt even cry!" She even found an egg with money in it. When we were done she ran over to Matt to tell him her success with the Easter Bunny! It was a great moment!

Both of the kids did a great job finding eggs!

Thanks for the fun Lion's Club!

Hmmm, how am I gonna get by that Bunny?

Wizard of OZ...pretty dresses...and Mommy's b-day

Mommy got this big bunny for her birthday from Terry and Marcine (from work).

We love to snuggle with it at night!

Can you find me in the picture??

Pretty dress from Oma. Thank you!

Katherine loves to get all dressed up for each occasion of the day.

Usually three to five outfits per day!

Wesley loves the Wizard of Oz.

This particular evening he chose the role of Dorothy.