Thursday, May 27, 2010

5 years ago...already!

Tomorrow is our five year wedding anniversary! Can't believe it has been 5 years...and then sometimes I can't believe it has only been 5 years. But what an amazing 5 years they have been. We will be going to Jamaica next Friday for our official honeymoon. Also we are going to renew our vows while we are there. So excited!!
Happy Anniversary Matt! I love you sooooo much!!!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

4 days of school left!!

Hanging at breakfast time.
The kids love eating together now that Wesley is out of his high chair.
They are getting so big so fast.

Hello! R you?


(notice the earrings)


Well we are in the final countdown of the school year....only 4 days left!! We are all so excited for summer vacation. Wesley is talking so much now. He really likes talking on the phone....not so much when there is actually someone on the other side. We had our first night with NO NUKIE. He was not very excited about it and actually woke up still complaining. But I think we are on our way for no more nukie. Katherine is a great helper. She loves to be Wesley's mommy. The other night before bath she asked Wes "Do you want me or mommy to take your clothes off?" Wes said "Mommy" and she said "Okay well I'm your mommy." Such a little smartie.
She is very busy getting ready for her 2nd dance recital. She has a speaking part this year. So much fun. She informed me the other night that she is going to be so beautful when she dances. I believe it!
We are so blessed!

Mommy revisits her days of cheerleading!

This week we had a fundraiser for the senior class. The staff took on the seniors in a basketball game and spirit squad. I was the captain of the spirit squad. Time to get out the pom poms again. We had so much fun dancing and cheering! It was pretty crazy. The kids cheered with us for a little while. Katherine spent most of the time cheering on the other end of the gym. We also performed a half time dance that we practiced for 15 minutes before the game.
It was alot of fun! We even did some of the cheers from our own high school days.

Monday, May 10, 2010

"I could be the dryer,Mommy."

No pictures with this one...but I just needed to share this precious story. So the other night I was getting ready to do the dishes and Katherine pulled up her stool to watch. As she was watching me put the dishes into the sink she says "I could be the dryer Mommy." So she went and got a towel and worked so hard at drying all of the dishes. We had so much fun doing the dishes together. So I have decided I need to get a set of plastic dishes so she can help with all of them. I am not ready to have her dry the glass ones yet. She is such a hard worker. I just can't believe how big she is getting. So precious!

Saturday, May 01, 2010

These boots were made for walkin'

Wesley loves to wear all of our shoes lately. He went to daycare in Katherine's ruby slippers the other day! Tonight he marched around for hours in Matt's work boots.
Too Cute!!