Thursday, September 25, 2008

New pics!!

This is my new keyboard that Mommy and Daddy got me for my birthday. I love to play music and dance!
Daddy made me my first guitar. It is actually a ukulele.
We like to have jam sessions together!

I love stickers!! I really love to stick them to my neck!
So what is new with me you ask......

Well Grandma Sue has been staying with us for a month already to help since Mommy is on bedrest still. It is so much fun to have her here. We play outside and go for walks. We love to walk down to the cows and Grandma taught me how to call the cows "Come Boss". There are two longhorns and we yell "Lockem' Longhorns!".

Then we go and look at the horsey. I really want to ride him. I ask Mommy everyday if I can go ride the horsey. Mommy talked to our neighbor and she might let me ride one of her horses this weekend. I am so excited.

I am almost potty trained. I love to wear big girl undies and made it two whole days with no accidents. I wake up dry in the morning and then go potty. Mommy and Daddy and Grandma get so excited! I am going to be a big sister you know!

Speaking of that....Mommy is still on the couch resting the baby. The doctor said that we are going to have the baby next Friday, Oct. 3rd. I am so excited to be a big sister. I can't wait to hold him or her.

That's what is new with us.