Friday, June 28, 2013

Pretty Daisies!

Katherine had the idea to get dressed up and go take pictures in all of the daisies that have bloomed while we were gone.  They both know how much I love daisies.
I just love these pics!

 This was  so cute.  She says, wow mom they may be pretty....but they smell gross!
I agree the wild daisies have a weird smell.

 Look who was hiding in the trees while we were taking pictures.
So cute!
We told him he could be by us because he kept picking all the daisies we were trying to take pictures with.  So we had to keep moving down to new patches. 

I am so blessed with two AMAZING children!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Big news for Our Family

About a month ago, we received some news....and NO we are not having another baby!
After 9 amazing years of living in the beautiful state of Idaho, we will once again be packing our bags and heading out on another adventure.  This adventure will be taking us to Warroad, Minnesota.  Yes, that is right....I said, Northern Minnesota where is actually hits below zero temps in the winter.  Ha ha
Matt has been transferred there for work. We are so excited to be returning to Minnesota to be closer to family, and still also are sad to being leaving an amazing community and place where we started our married life and family.  But I truly feel blessed with this opportunity for our family and am so excited! 
So for those of you Minnesotans following this blog....we are looking forward to coming back to our home state and being close to all of you again.
And for the Idahoans that follow this site....I guess now this will be my way to keep in touch with you now.  I am so thankful for the friends and opportunities I have been able to be part of while living here in Bonners Ferry, Idaho.  You will all be missed!!
Thank you for welcoming us in and being so wonderful!
So while we were back in Minnesota, Matt and I travelled up to Warroad to check everything out.
We met with a realtor and were able to look at many houses that we are excited about.
We ate some wonderful Walleye and watched boats come in on Lake of the Woods.
We also met some of the officers at the Port and the Port Director arranged an incredible tour of the school.  We are excited for this new adventure!
It is going to be great!
Here are a couple pics of our time up there.

 This is where we ate right by the lake.

Two days filled with crazy fun with the Schreiner side of the family!

 Day after the wedding....exhausted!

 Wesley got to go to his first Twins game with Grandpa Scott. 
He was so excited!
 We had so much fun with all our family.
Anne, Pat, Ben, Jon, Jenny. Owen, Eden, Grandpa Scott, Oma, and even...
Great Grandpa Wesley and Great Grandma Bernie!
It was an incredible two days filled with so much fun and activity!

 Wesley and Great Grandpa Wesley

 Ben did NOT like the sprinkler!!!

 Love these funny faces!!  So cute!!

Then it was time to head back to Idaho!
Here we are at Wall Drug for our first big stop of the day.
The kids had a hard time getting settled in for the big car ride, but overall did a great job all things considered.
We made the trip home in two days and arrived home by 8:30 pm.  That is impressive with two little ones!

 Meltdown for an ice cream sandwich.
For about two hours, Wesley hated everything but ice cream sandwiches!

 No meltdowns for Katherine the whole trip.  She just would put in her ipod and sleep.

 Yeah Ice Cream Sandwiches!!!
Well not sure how these pics got down here...but here are a few more....