Saturday, November 19, 2011

Thursday Morning, Nov 17th...we woke up to 7 inches of Snow!

Yes, on Thurs we awoke to SNOW...LOTS OF SNOW.

As well as our first snow day... which Katherine was pretty sad about.

At 5:45 the kids were ready to go out and play...I said "It is still dark."

At 6:15 when the light began to break...Katherine says "Okay Mom it is light out"...and out they went! At one point I looked out and Wesley was laying face first in the snow just chopping away. He looked up and said, "I love eating snow, Mom!"

It continued to snow all Friday. This morning we have well over a foot. So far no flakes in the air today.

Winter is Here!

Just in time for Grandpa and Grandma Summer to arrive!

Happy Halloween!

Check out all of our Halloween Fun!

Growing up Halloween was always so much fun.

I (Melanie) love to dress up!

Finally I have started to rub off on my hubby and he is getting into it too!

Check out all of our Halloween fun! Spiderman and Batgirl
(I went to work like this!!)

Scary Faces

Scary Faces!

7 adults, 5 kids, and 4 wonderful days of fun!

Sorry I have neglected the blog for so long.

Where the time goes I am not sure.

So in October we were so blessed to have Matt's family come to visit.

Everyone stayed together in our sweet, little house.

It was so much fun to have all of the cousins together as well as time with siblings and Grandpa Scott. Here are our sweet cousins, Owen and Ben.

They are so much fun and we loved playing with them.
Mr. Smiles!
Ben is the sweetest little boy.
He is all smiles and loved to sit back watching all the action.

Finally....another girl to add to the crew!
Sweet Baby Eden

Wesley loved to show his "all boy" side cruising around on his 4-wheeler.

Katherine Susan snuggling with her daddy.

Ready to roll!

Hang on Owen!

These pictures are in reverse order.

Katherine started by holding Eden while the Mommies were getting ready.

Soon after she had rocked her to sleep. Her arm started to fall asleep so then they cuddled next to each other.

Katherine loved taking care of all her little cousins!

Auntie Anne (Matt's sister), Uncle Pat, and Cousine Ben

We love our Marso relatives.

It was so wonderful to spend time playing and chatting with Auntie Anne and Uncle Pat.
Last time we saw Baby Ben was this summer in Minnesota.

He is growing so big and moving all over.

WE loved cuddling with him.

Uncle Pat and Mommy even took all of us on a walk.

It was fun to catch up!

Thank you for making this all happen Auntie Anne!

Uncle Jon and Katherine cuddling.

Uncle Jon was such a trooper this weekend.

He got a GREAT BIG owie on his leg right before he came and hung in there all weekend.

The Iowa Schreiners.

Uncle Jon (Matt's brother, Auntie Jenny, Owen and Eden)

It was so fun showing Owen around and playing outside with him.

Uncle Jon taught Wesley some new sword fighting moves as well as Mommy and Daddy new games.

The meeting of Viking and Packer families.

So the Schreiners are pretty divided when it comes to the face off of the Vikings and Packers.

Which happened on the Sunday everyone was here visiting.

Here is the crew showing their colors!

Of course....Idaho Schreiners' cheer purple and gold!

(Sorry Annie and Grandpa Scott)

Sibling Showdown!

Auntie Jenny and Baby Ben

Ben doesn't seem to happy with Jenny's purple shirt!?!

Grandpa Scott and Baby Eden

This was the first time we met Baby Eden.

She is the most precious baby girl.

Snoozing with Uncle Matt

Jenny and Owen cuddling on the carpet.

Owen loved watching Ruby, the dog, outside. Mommy and Owen had a special bond hanging outside.

Baby Eden
(Grandpa being silly)

Wesley and Ben cuddling on the carpet.

Next year they will probably be wrestling.

Katherine got to take Auntie Anne horse riding.

After a very rainy morning, the weather cleared just long enough for a quick ride. Thank you to Kelly and Sierra for taking them out riding.

Katherine loves to ride and had so much fun showing Annie and Grandpa Scott all she has learned.

Wesley got to ride a bit too!
Although it was more sitting while the horse snacked!

Our little Cowgirl!

Baby Eden and Uncle Pat snuggling.

Check out my cool Halloween shirt.

Thank you Oma for sending all of us new Halloween shirts.

Baby Eden getting all snuggled up for a hike!

Wake up Grandpa!

Poor Grandpa Scott never got to rest...when the kids were close by that is!

We loved having everyone come and visit.

One of the hardest parts of being so far away is missing family.

So we truly LOVE when we have visitors.

Thank you so much for coming. We could never really express how wonderful and precious this time together was for all of us.

We are so blessed to have incredible family!

Thank you for the wonderful conversations, game playing, hiking, pictures, food, shopping and of course endless FUN!

We love you all so MUCH!!

Come again soon!!!!