Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Big Day for Katherine....1st pedicure and Lost her 2nd Tooth!

Saturday, April 6th was a very exciting day for Katherine.  We along with our dear friend, Jessie, headed down to Sandpoint for pedis and lunch.  That morning Katherine noticed her 2nd loose tooth had gotten a lot looser.  The crazy part of this is that she lost her 1st tooth when we were out for dinner with Jessie and her husband, Eric. 
So off we went and while we were eating lunch, Katherine went into the bathroom and yet again came out holding her tooth in her hand!
Hooray...2nd tooth out!!
Oh she is so cute with her space and you can see the new tooth moving in already to the 1st space.
Then we were off for pedicures.
Katherine was adorable.  I wish I had a video of her giggling when the woman was scrubbing her feet.
Then she just sat back and enjoyed the massage while we had our toes done.
Sorry to say that the next morning we woke to snow!  AHHHH!
So the toes have to stay hidden a little bit longer.
It was a wonderful day with lots of fun and excitement!

Thursday, April 04, 2013

Thank you Oma for coming to visit!

So this is pretty funny....but we must have taken the majority of our pictures with Oma's camera.  Because when I loaded everything this is the only other picture I have other than Easter.
But I do love it so much.
So we were supposed to have a showing on Monday.
Thankfully Oma was here to help me clean.  But midway she stopped to do some stretches and Katherine joined her.
I just love this picture!
The kids had so much fun taking Oma on hiking adventures in the woods.  We all went bowling one night...where Oma was the big winner.
It was a wonderful time together.
I'll have to get some more pics from her camera though.
Thank you so much!
Love you!!!

Wonderful Day with Family and Friends!

Sunday afternoon, Oma (Deb) arrived from Minnesota.
We were so excited to have her come visit for a few days.
Joel, Julia, Heather, Cody, and Evangeline came over.  And my dear neighbor, Dana, also joined us.
The kids had a great time hunting eggs in the woods.
They did a wonderful job working together to make sure each of them found their 18 eggs.

 Even Evangeline had her first egg hunt.
Heather is moving so fast the picture is a blur.  She means business!

Katherine is full stride off to find her eggs.
 So cute!!
 She was so proud when she found her egg!
 Heather found her 18 in under 2 minutes.  Then she was so sweet to help out Wes.

 Bug is loving every minute of this egg hunt business!!

 The crew out hunting!
 Fun times with the girls!!!
What a wonderful day!
 Counting their loot!
Although the majority of our family is often far away, we are so blessed to have this amazing family close by! 
What a wonderful day together.
So glad Oma could come and be part of the fun!

Happy Easter

Happy Easter!
On Sunday morning the kids were up, bathed and ready to hunt by 6:00.
Poor Daddy who is working nights had to be pulled out of bed to join the fun.
The kids had so much fun finding their eggs and baskets.
Thank you Grandma Sue and Grandpa Bob for the wonderful Easter outfits.
They are so cute!
After the hunt we were off to church.  I taught in Wesley's classroom.  We had a blast celebrating.  We even did a praise dance where every time the music stopped we would yell, "Jesus is alive!"
Thank you Jesus for the ultimate sacrifice you made for us.
We are so blessed!

Katherine's first slumber party!

As an incentive for Katherine wearing her eye patch, we told her when she achieved 25 days in a row she could have a slumber party with her friends from school.
Last Friday was that day!
The girls had so much fun together.
The volume level in our house was nothing short of piercing.
But it was a blast!
 Master Wesley hiding out in the guest room from all the girls.
 How many girls can you fit in a sleeping bag??
 I love Wesley's smile here. 
 The game: who can throw popcorn into Daddy's mouth.
I love their smiles and laughter!
Katherine with her dear friends, Jodee, Ava, and AnnaBeth.
Reminds me of some MN girls I love.
What a great night!