Wednesday, January 28, 2009

And the snow starts.....

"I love you Baby my punkin seed"
The Tepee and sandbox

And it just keeps snowing

Katherine loves the snow!

By the end of this storm we had about 2 feet on the ground.
This was before christmas.

Oma comes to Idaho and we decorate the tree!

Our beautiful Christmas tree
Garland Angel

Wesley supervising Oma's decorating skills.

The cutting of the tree!
(Wesley is under the blanket in his snugli.)

Oma and Katherine ready to hike!
Oma flew back to Idaho with us and stayed for a week. It was so great to have her there to help get settled back in. We had lots of fun hiking and decorating for Christmas.

Hanging out!

Katherine and Wesley hanging out at Grandma and Grandpa's in Wells at Thanksgiving.
They truly love each other so much!!
It is so cute to see how Wesley responds to his big sister.