Saturday, September 28, 2013

Tooth Number 4 out and Monster Hair Cuts

After months of wiggling, Katherine's tooth finally came out.  Now she really can sing "All I Want for Christmas is My Two Front Teeth".  So cute!! 
Katherine had a great week at school.  She really seems more settled and enjoying herself at school and home.
She has made a new friend, Addi, who lives right by us.  I believe they spent every waking moment with each other for a week!  We love it and are so happy to see our girl happy.

Wesley's classroom planted these monster hair cups.  When he brought it home from school there was just seeds and dirt. 
Two days later the grass had doubled and yesterday he gave his monster it's first haircut.
So much fun!
Wesley is loving preschool and LOVES playing with the neighbor boys.
It is hard to keep him home for longer than five minutes.
God knew what he was doing having us start here in this rental.
We have met wonderful people and made great friends.
It is so fun to watch the kids run from yard to to house...playing so great together.
The kids are having a blast.
Matt and I are doing great too!

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Well I made it three weeks before I took on a major project!

So for those of you that were betting how long it would take for me (Melanie)
to take on a wait is over.
I can see Lisa smiling right now! know me.
Gotta do SOMETHING!  Ha Ha

Yes, I have my first job here in Warroad.
I am painiting the exterior of the house we are renting for our landlord.
With some help from my wonderful husband and incredible new neighbor who popped over yesterday to paint and visit...the shed is done.
Here are some pics of the first building:



So Excited for Hockey!

Honestly, I have never seen anyone as excited as Wesley is to start playing hockey.
Here are some pics of him the other night "training".
He is so cute!!

Can't wait to see him on the ice next month.
Wesley is really settling in good here.
He loves preschool and really enjoys having three boys living right next door.
We have been blessed with wonderful neighbors that love to have the kids play.
It is wonderful!
And so much fun to have a revolving door.  The kids just run from our three houses.
We feel so blessed to be in such a great neighborhood and sad that it is for such a short time.
However, we are excited to move into our new house and get settled in there. is not too far down the road so we will still be able to get together.
Just a bummer we won't be right next door.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Katherine lost her 3rd tooth! Soon she will be wishing for her two front teeth for Christmas!

Idaho is always on our minds.....

We are all settling in to our new home in Warroad, MN.  But Idaho is always close to our hearts and in our minds.
Every now and then the kids will make a comment about Idaho and Bonners Ferry.
Whenever we meet someone, Idaho is a big topic of conversation.
Yesterday at preschool, Wesley chose to cut out Idaho for his cutting project.
We are enjoying getting settled in our new home, but Idaho will always remain close!
Love to all our friends in Idaho!!

Hockey we come....

Wesley and Matt are so excited for hockey season to start.
This past weekend while in the cities we went and found skates, and all the other equipment needed.

Let the training begin.....

Now we are working on getting his feet used to the skates and balance.
It is official....I am a Hockey Mom.

Wesley's First Day of Preschool

Wesley was so excited for his first day of Preschool!
He did a wonderful job and even read us a book when he got home the first night!

Schreiner tough!

All ready for the first day! 

Wesley is very excited and serious about school!  He is working on his first homework project with Daddy right now.
He is making lots of new friends and settling in great here in Warroad.
AND....he is VERY EXCITED for Hockey to start.

Fun Weekend with Auntie Anne, Uncle Pat, and Cousins Ben and William

This past weekend we made our first trip down to the cities to meet the newest membet of our family, Baby William.
We had so much fun visitng with Auntie Anne and Uncle Pat and playing with Cousin Ben.
Ben and Wesley played hockey and baseball.
We also were able to spend time with Grandpa Scott and Oma.

We went to the Minnesota Zoo and saw so many wonderful animals.  We ate lots of great food.  Had so much fun visiting and playing and cuddling William.  Katherine and Wesley loved holding and feeding William. 

Here is Benjamin with his new Bob the Builder hard hat.  The kids made a great fort and had so much fun playing together!
We love that we are close enough to drive down and visit for the weekend.
How wonderful to spend great time with family!
Thank you for a wonderful weekend Marso's!!
Love you all!
Thank you to Grandpa Scott and Oma for coming to see us too!
We had so much fun this weekend!
My camera died so there are no pics from the zoo.  Oops....sorry

Saturday, September 07, 2013

Superhero battle in the backyard

Thor vs. Hulk

Matt surprised Wesley by sneaking up on him while he was outside playing Thor.

The look on Wesley's face was priceless as the battle began!
Too fun!!

First Day of 2nd grade

Here we go!!  1st day of 2nd grade.
Wesley starts preschool in a couple weeks.

Katherine is doing great at her new school.
She is making friends and enjoying everything.

Waiting to pick Katherine up after her first day!

Have you met the most amazing sister in the world?

For those of you who don't know have to know that she is the most amazing, incredible person in the world.
Yes, this is my dear sister, Heather.
And I could not have made it through the last month without her!
Heather came out to Idaho in July.
She took care of the kids, kept me sain, and packed endless hours till the house was done.
I am so thankful we were given this time together and could not Thank Her enough for all she did to help with this move!
It was so much fun being together! 
Heather, you are an amazing person!  Thank you for taking care of everything and always being there working your butt off.  I think the last four days in Idaho she and I totalled maybe ten hours of sleep....for all four days that is!
You are amazing!!
Love you so much!!!

Just keep driving...driving...driving..
One the second day on the road...I was so sick so Heather took the wheel for most of the day!
Have I mentioned how awesome she is!!??!!

We love you sooooo much!
Thank you Thank you Thank you!

Auntie Heather and Grandma Sue come to visit!

Labor Day weekend, Grandma and Heather came up to visit.  We worked on digging weeds in the yard and also had fun around town.
Checked out some great shops and yard sales.  Attempted to go swimming but got rained out.  So off to ice cream and look at the lake.  So much fun!

This is our side yard.  Check out the sun on the top of the trees.  So pretty!

She can do it!!  Just try and tell my mom something can't be done!
With the help of Heather and the kids, they were able to get the firepit all cleaned out and time for SMORES!
All while I was cooking dinner.
Should have known to tell her we didn't have time.  Ha Ha!
Was so much fun!!

Ruby in pursuit of Grandpa Toad.
We have so many frogs and toads in our yard.  Wesley and Ruby love hunting for them!
Don't worry we made sure Ruby didn't get Grandpa Toad!

"You are making me won't like me when I am angry"
Superhero fun!

The Avengers....Time to Hero Up!

Who are those masked heros??

Battle among the heros??

We had so much fun with Grandma and Heather.
Thank you for coming to visit and for all your hard work!