Thursday, October 03, 2013

Happy Birthday Wesley!!

Calling all Super Heros.....

Time to Hero Up!

The fun banner I made!


Spidey too!

Flying thru the living room!

Everyone is set and ready for the birthday boy!

The 5 yr. old super hero!! 
And his Shake it to Make it!

Sis was so excited for her brother's birthday.
Look at the excitement in her eyes!!

Go Warriors!

A true Schreiner.....loves him so Oreos!!
Grandpa Wesley would be so proud!!
He got his very own pack...but he did share with Daddy.

1st Hockey Jersey

Out for Breakfast with Mommy and Daddy

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Simple cake wish....
"I would like a cake in a pan with Superhero Rainbow frosting and gold."
Found gold candles and a tiny superman to make it complete.
Wesley's reaction...."Perfect Mom....I love it!"
What a sweet boy!!

Playing with Katherine after school.

Happy Birthday Sweet Wesley Matthew!

Pizza...cake...and a movie with our new neighbors!
What a fun night!

What a wonderful day!
Love you Wesley!!

Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Wesley Matthew is 5 Years Old!

One of my favorites traditions is decorating the house the eve of a birthday. 
Usually I get over involved in my decorating and end of staying up super late.
Tonight I ended right at the stroke of mid-night...and found myself tearing up as I lined the last of the tiny superheros along the entertainment center (knowing every super power and super strength)..ha ha funny what you learn when you have a little boy who LOVES superheros!
My baby boy is turning  5 years old.
Wow...that happened fast.
Remember when everyone said, "Hold on to the moments because they will be over in a blink."
I am now the mother of "big" kids.
Then I started thinking about this remarkable little boy, Master Wesley Matthew.
He truly is one of a kind and what a blessing.
His favorite color is gold.
I believe he truly has a heart of gold.
There is so much thought and empathy in this one little person.
He blows me away.
On the way home from AWANA Wes was talking with his friend and neighbor, Iver (who is 4) about superheros.  And then, Wes says out of no where...but you know God....HE is the toughest superhero of them all.  Iver says, Yeah I know.
Wes says,"Yeah like say a huge dragon flew up in heaven...(I pop in "Are there dragons in heaven")...Wes, "Mom, I'm just saying...if a dragon were to fly up in heaven....GOD would defeat him no problem cuz HE has the BIGGEST SWORD and the BIGGEST SHIELD. 
Iver, "So cool."
Wes, "Yeah, it is awesome...GOD IS THE COOLEST".
Iver, "Yeah, the COOLEST."
Oh how that melts my heart.
I love to be a fly on the wall during those moments.

Here are some first pictures of our amazing boy:

Happy Birthday Wesley Matthew!
We love you so very much!