Sunday, August 17, 2008

I'm Two Years Old!

Check out my 2 year old smile!

This is my pretty blue horsy cake that MyU made me. Isn't it beautiful!

Thank you MyU!

It sure tastes yummy too!!

I had a great party with all my family!

Thank you for all the wonderful presents and fun times.

More birthday pictures coming soon!

Stay tuned!!

My first golf lesson with Daddy!

We found some golf clubs at a yard sale. Here Daddy is giving me lessons on hitting the ball.

More MN!

Wearing high heels with Annie! Looking good!

Grandpa Scott (as a soda jerk) had a party for his softball team. I had so much fun hangin' with him and the girls!
Grandpa and I really had fun groovy and dancing to the jukebox!

At the fair and Oma's house

MyU, Mommy, Grandma Mary and Heather took me to the Faribault County Fair.
There were pigs and cows and puppies. I hold one. And goats, chickens, and ducks too.
Plus I got to ride on this ducky the duckie game...and jump in the castle!
It was so much fun!

Whoa! Big Fall!

One day Mommy and I went to Oma's house to play with Auntie Anne and Oma.

We went for a boat ride and swimming in the lake. Plus lots of other fun times playing.

Thank you for the fun floaties Annie!

Fun in Minnesota!

We had so much fun in Minnesota. Mommy and I were there for almost three weeks. MyU and Grandpa's house was lots of fun. I played outside and at night when Grandpa was home we would wrestle on the floor. I liked to tackle him!
We went to a parade where they threw candy at the the zoo with our friends from the cities...and lots of visiting with Great Grandmas and Grandpas. Plus I turned 2! MyU and I played with the baby kitties! This one is my favorite!
I loved holding them and chasing them around.
Careful though...kitties scratch you!
MyU also had chickens to play with and we found eggs.

Here I am going for a little swim. It was so hot in Minnesota!

I'm a biker chic!

Eating kettle corn from the fair with MyU.

Close your eyes might not want to see what I was doing while you were working.

Don't worry "we" cleaned up. I love the corn!